Personnel Report

The TÜV NORD GROUP has been the byword for safety and reliability for the last 150 years. We continue to be appreciated worldwide as a guarantor of neutrality and the highest technical standards. As a service provider in the technology and safety fields, we are concerned with finding answers to the important global questions of the future – wherever we operate in the world. This is how we help shape society and people’s lives every single day. “We” in this case refers to the over 14,000 employees of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

This Personnel Report provides information on our HR strategy, the corporate culture and all other areas of action in which TÜV NORD GROUP has positioned itself, both internally and in its presentation to the outside world, as a responsible employer with long-term viability.



in 2019.



The number of our employees rose to 14,088 in 2019.


114.1 k 


in the 2019 fiscal year.

Three questions to Harald Reutter



“What matters most is to offer very good development opportunities.”



Mr. Reutter, TÜV NORD celebrated its 150th birthday in 2019. What do you associate with this anniversary?

Harald Reutter We can be proud of our heritage. TÜV NORD has been taking responsibility for the safety of people and the environment for 150 years. And, TÜV NORD, these are of course mainly the people who are employed here. The success of our Group is entirely based on their knowledge and skills. This is why we celebrated the anniversary together with them and also revived a lot of issues in our active HR work in the last year. Our Group has undergone constant changes in the last 150 years, and there’s no doubt that change will also accompany us on our further path: the labour market is on the move, with continuous advances in digitalisation and global networking. Which means that the way we work together will need to change accordingly.


What does this mean for HR work in today’s world?

Harald Reutter New perspectives and fresh ideas are absolutely crucial. And they won’t happen without dialogue – with our employees from all across the business units, and our customers and partners. We will involve them in the development of HR products that are efficient and, above all, close to the people who will use and experience them. This is the only way we will be able to recruit the very best professionals and to offer them and our current employees attractive and exciting workplaces, where they want to stay for a long time.


How are you going to implement this in the TÜV NORD GROUP?

Harald Reutter We took the first steps in this direction in 2019 with HR4Business. The programme has its origins in our HR strategy and is directed at modern and contemporary HR work. This has been a great team effort on the part of the entire international HR community of the TÜV NORD GROUP, which will bind the Group even closer together. More than that, the Group’s participation will also allow us to align the measures as effectively as possible to the needs of our business units. I’m convinced that HR4Business will be a success. And, as this HR report shows, we can already point to our first achievements.


Mr. Reutter, thank you very much for your answers.


Corporate Culture


“Dialogue with our employees, customers and partners is what distinguishes TÜV NORD’s corporate culture.”

Dr. Dirk Stenkamp, Chairman of the Board of Management, TÜV NORD GROUP


Our staff and their expertise have a key role to play in the transformation of the TÜV NORD GROUP into a knowledge-based company. The crucial importance of this is emphasised in our mission statement. We’re convinced that a healthy culture of dialogue, with not just our employees but also our customers and partners, will lead to better results. In our anniversary year, 2019, we brought this idea to life in a wide range of campaigns, projects and events.



We consider diversity in general and internationality in particular to be an enrichment for our company. Our mission statement, under the heading “We are all the key to our success”, communicates these values and sets our goals for the future. Developed as a joint effort by our managers and staff, it is intended to boost motivation and provide overall guidance in their day-to-day professional work. Now that the mission statement has been formulated and disseminated within the TÜV NORD GROUP, it has become the goal of every one of us to honour it – now and in the future, every day, and with all our customers wherever they are, in every laboratory and in every TÜV STATION. Just how successfully it has been implemented is abundantly clear from the events held in the anniversary year, with their focus on our customers and staff.



Our vision
Safety, security and success through knowledge.
Technical. Digital. Connected. Anywhere. Anytime.

Our mission
Technological excellence is our mission.
Future-proof results for our customers are our goal.
Knowledge is the key.

Our values

  1. The focus is on our customers.
  2. Our employees are the key to success.
  3. Our integrity is the basis of everything we do.
  4. Our sustainability opens up new paths to a shared future.
  5. Our diversity opens up new opportunities.
  6. Our culture of innovation is trend-setting.



In the context of various events held in the anniversary year, 2019, the TÜV NORD GROUP thanked its staff for their successful work, both now and in the past, and cast its gaze forward into our shared future. Here are just a few examples:

Anniversary Roadshow and HR4You
Between May and August, our anniversary truck travelled the length and breadth of the land, visiting nearly every TÜV NORD site. The truck was fitted out with historical images, testing instruments and film material. All employees were also invited to take part in discussions and cast light on both the history and future of the Group. Also present were members of the Group Executive Committee plus customers and guests from the worlds of politics and business. The roadshow was also accompanied by the HR team of the TÜV NORD GROUP. Under the slogan “HR4YOU”, we presented and discussed the various HR services and benefits with the aim of engaging in dialogue to tailor our services more accurately to the needs of our employees. (> Conditions and Supplementary Benefits)

Family Day
On 27 September, we celebrated the anniversary at our Family Day. A total of 2,000 staff members and their families, including many members of staff from smaller offices, gathered at the three principal sites of Hanover, Hamburg and Essen.

Customer panels for HR products
With the aim of strengthening the cooperative ties with our customers and ensuring more customer-oriented HR product development and optimisation, we brought together four customer panels in 2019. The business units were represented at each of the discussions by executives, experts and staff representatives who are in ongoing operative contact with HR areas and products. As representative test customers, they put our HR products to the test in both theory and practice. The panels were developed and implemented as part of HR4Business. (> Personell Strategy)  

Personnel Strategy


“With our personnel management strategy, we will rise to the current and future challenges of the world of work.”

Dr. Roland Bursy, Director of HR Strategy & Talent Management, TÜV NORD GROUP


Digitalisation, business requirements, generational change, the war for talents: Our world never stays still, and we are constantly facing new tasks in human resources management. The HR strategy of the TÜV NORD GROUP defines how we are going to rise to the wide-ranging challenges of our time and sets out the long-term framework for our HR work within the Group.



1. Development and training
The expertise of our employees is the cornerstone of our market position and will guarantee our future success. Which is why we’re particularly interested in offering them continuous training of the very highest quality. This lends weight to our image as an attractive employer brand and is helping us to attract specialists and secure their loyalty to the TÜV NORD GROUP.
(>Training Options, > Recruiting and Developing Employees)

2. Health and safety
Our employees should not be exposed to any health risks. Which is why one of our priorities is the early identification and mitigation of such hazards. We are constantly working on new services to promote and maintain the health of our employees.
(>Health and Safety, > Remuneration and Supplementary Benefits)

3. Diversity
We are convinced that the cultural and human diversity of our employees makes us more dynamic, innovative and successful. In support of our aspiration to derive even more benefit from the treasury of ideas and experiences of this diverse workforce, we are working on target-group-specific offers.
(>Diversity in the TÜV NORD GROUP)

4. Performance orientation and efficiency
Our HR solutions are effective, efficient, standardised, innovative and digital. Particular attention is paid to dealing with digitalisation and the transfer of knowledge between generations. In this way, we’re generating added value for our customers and our entire organisation.
(> Digital Academy)



The aim of the HR4Business programme is to implement the strategic fields of action from our HR strategy in specific measures. All employees of the Group are invited to participate actively in the programme. In this way, they can play their part in shaping the future of HR and its associated issues in the TÜV NORD Group. HR4Business was launched in January 2019 and is scheduled to run for two years.


have been pooled
in a total of five HR focus projects.



Join Us

“Join Us” aims to align HR marketing and recruiting in the TÜV NORD GROUP with the challenges of the “war for talents” to enable us to act more effectively and efficiently in the recruitment process.
(> Attracting and Developing Talent)


Measures taken in 2019:
New internal job exchange, modernisation of onboarding event, focus on our recruiting channels, e.g. head-hunter selection, application status – Live Tracking Tool introduced

Intentions for 2020:
Introduction of talent relationship management, relaunch of the “Staff recruits Staff” programme, introduction of the onboarding app, HR marketing campaigns for the relevant target groups


We are honing our portfolio in staff development and training across all hierarchical levels with the aim of establishing consistent, Group-wide instruments and follow-up measures.
(> Attracting and Developing Talent)


Measures taken in 2019:
Piloting of the “Tandem” and “JUMP” employee development programmes, implementation of the “Globent” global talent pool

Intentions for 2020:
Piloting of the expert career path, further roll-out of Globent talent pool, introduction of a potential check for top management candidates


The aim is to use strategic and systematic staff planning to make the skills of our workforce more visible in the interest of more efficient planning. This will help HR and the business units choose the right options for action, thereby enabling them to implement the most effective future scenarios.

Measures taken in 2019:
Development of grading system to offer attractive remuneration models

Intentions for 2020:
Development of HR work with a consistent orientation towards key ratios, e.g. by establishing strategic HR planning to make it possible to get the right employees on board at the right time


With “Diversus”, we are seeking to unleash as effectively as possible the huge potential that lies in the diversity of our employees. The objectives include the prevention of discrimination against minorities, the identification and amplification of valuable potential and the promotion of equality of opportunity in the Group.
(> Equality of Opportunity)


Measures taken in 2019:
Piloting of travel risk management (expansion), piloting of the “JUMP” international employees development programme

Intentions for 2020:
Further development of health measures, pooling of measures under the umbrella of a company health management system, further development of questions and needs of our employees around the topic of care, implementation in all focus projects of different diversity measures


The aim of “SupVice” is to optimise customer support in the decentralised HR departments of the business units and the HR Corporate Centres. In the HR Shared Service Center, we aspire to improve the service portfolio in terms of quality and affordability.


Measures taken in 2019:
Preparation of an HR Transparency Report

Intentions for 2020:
Introduction of workflow solutions, further development of customer-oriented HR organisation

The HR community at the annual kick-off event.



In May 2019, the fourth international HR conference of the TÜV NORD GROUP took place at the Group representative office in Berlin. Under the slogan “HR Strategy and Challenges of Digitalisation for HR 2.0”, 28 international HR managers analysed, discussed and elaborated the responsible role that will need to be played by HR in the digital transformation.



gathered from different countries and business units to talk about the HR4Business programme at the international HR conference.

Attracting and Developing Talent


“When you create a culture where people are recognised, engaged and they believe in what they are doing, people not only stay with the organisation but attract others there as well.”

Manish Bhuptani,
Managing Director TÜV INDIA Private Ltd., TÜV NORD GROUP


Attracting and nurturing the right talent is critical to our growth. As part of our aspiration to work with the next generation of employees and our existing staff to shape an innovative and technologically outstanding future, we offer a wide range of development opportunities. That we are on the right path is confirmed by our healthy number of employees and applications as well as the positive results of important rankings for employer attractiveness.







The “mint minded” award honours companies which promote young STEM students and are considered an interesting employer by IT, engineering and science students.



The TÜV NORD GROUP has once again been awarded the accolade of Top Company by the online platform for employer evaluations.


TÜV NORD is one of the top 100 companies in the Universum employer ranking. Around 12,000 young professionals from Germany were surveyed.


In the school student bellwether states of Bremen and Lower Saxony, TÜV NORD takes first place.


As the highest placed newcomer, TÜV NORD has won a trendence award in the “Engineering Studies” target group.


TÜV NORD was also rated positively in the following employer rankings: Glassdoor, Indeed, Focus TOP,, Potentialpark Audit and Leading Employer.



As an employer, we are already the byword for open and authentic public communication. Boosting the attractiveness of the TÜV NORD GROUP is an integral part of the HR strategy. (> Conditions and Supplementary Benefits) Our mission statement plays a correspondingly important role in the search for, and communication with, potential employees. (> Corporate Culture) Last but not least, the Human Resources division at TÜV NORD itself is benefiting from enhanced employer appeal: The company is recruiting more successfully, and staff turnover is falling.  



Since 2008, we have been funding students from Germany and abroad with the German Group Scholarship programme. In addition to financial support, the programme is also concerned with establishing the TÜV NORD GROUP as an attractive employer and making early contact with the professionals of tomorrow. We have entered into partnerships with leading universities from Hanover, Braunschweig and Hamburg. We are also working on other collaborative projects with universities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Through the START Foundation, we are supporting students with a migrant background.




The TÜV NORD GROUP offers a variety of dual study courses and training opportunities. A Group policy and staff agreement ensure the quality of dual vocational training through standardised processes in the decentralised structures of the TÜV NORD GROUP. The positive reviews on, KUNUNU and “trendence” coincide with good training results across the Group.




within the TÜV NORD GROUP
in Germany.²



– this figure has been stable for years and compares very well with that of other companies from across Germany.³




– this low rate confirms the high level of loyalty of employees in the TÜV NORD GROUP.⁴


2 Scope of survey: HC; national; active regular staff;
1. 1.–31. 12. 2019
3 Scope of survey: national; SAP-led companies; time:
December 2019
4 Scope of survey: HC; national; active regular staff;
1. 1.–31. 12. 2019
5 Scope of survey: national; active regular staff; time:
December 2019




  • Electronics engineer for devices and systems
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • Precision mechanic
  • Office management employee
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Medical professional
  • Surveying technician




  • Bachelor of Engineering in combination with technical and business training
  • Bachelor of Arts in combination with commercial training
  • Bachelor of Science (Business informatics /(applied) informatics / mechanical engineering / electrical engineering / process engineering)


In 2019, we took various measures which were geared in particular to the individual skills of our trainees and students. The “ID-Monitoring” programme, which starts one to two years after completion of the training or study programme, was designed especially for this purpose. An initiative on the subject of training marketing has also helped us to fill vacant training places more quickly since 2019.


The high level of qualification of our employees is crucial to the success of the TÜV NORD GROUP. In addition to personal consultations for individual support, our employees can also make use of various learning formats to develop their specialist and management knowledge. The opportunities range from starting out on a career path through to management qualifications.

Promotion of young talent
For young talents, we offer two cross-career programmes which will prepare them for greater responsibility in the areas of leadership, sales and expertise: In the nine-month Junior Management Programme known as “JUMP”, high-potential junior staff are groomed to take responsibility in junior management. The “Tandem” mentoring programme runs for one year and focuses on the targeted exchange of professional and personal experiential knowledge in a safe and non-hierarchical atmosphere.


The participants in the Tandem mentoring programme.


Members of staff and managers
The International Middle Management Programme (MMP), which runs over several months, is designed for prospective and active middle managers and hones their strategic thinking for a better operational result. The participants are prepared for current and future challenges and can network across the business units.

In cooperation with the European School for Management and Technology, TÜV NORD has established a management school for the upper management. The aim is to enhance the skills of the leadership of TÜV NORD GROUP in the areas of strategy, structure and culture and in respect of entrepreneurship and change management.


Developing digital skills
The Digital Academy trains employees as Digital Experts, whose job as multiplicators is to support the process of digital transformation in their business units.

The Digital Experts are supported during and, especially, after the Digital Academy in their efforts to gain recognition as knowledge bearers and to push ahead with digitalisation projects. Moreover, the existing expertise in digitalisation is analysed in such a way as to allow us to make better use of potential and to identify needs. To date, various projects have successfully been implemented by Digital Experts, including a simulation system for driver training and the DMT Safeguard, a web-based tool for all types of monitoring tasks in the field of construction and infrastructure.




show how attractive TÜV NORD is on the labour market (2019: 19,685, 2018: 15,566 applications)



Conditions and Supplementary Benefits


“We attach great importance to the health and safety of our employees.”

Marlis Koop, Director of Labour Relations & Compensation,


A healthy work-life balance for our staff is of great importance for the productivity and innovative power of the TÜV NORD GROUP. It’s for this reason that we want to create a healthy and motivating working environment for our employees which permits the reconciliation of work and private life.



In recent years, we have further expanded our wide range of benefits, thereby also ensuring that qualified applicants actually want to work for TÜV NORD.



  • Flexible working time models
  • Options for work that is not tied to a specific location
  • Support for childcare
  • Measures to promote health in the workplace


Working hours and locations

In the worldwide TÜV NORD companies, different agreements apply in some cases to working hours. Taking into account company regulations and business requirements, the Group-wide goal is to respond to the individual needs of our employees with different working time models. Part-time work is offered across all the business units, and the offer is taken up by an average of 15.9% of the employees. A total of 36.2% of women and 7.4% of men work part-time in Germany.⁶

In 2019, a Group staff agreement came into force which regulates the flexible working time models – all-day or part-time – with binding effect on all concerned.


Regulations for family emergencies
We have continued to make arrangements that take into account unexpected events in the family. In collaboration with an external family services provider, we can support our employees in private stress situations and help prevent private concerns from impacting on their performance at work.

In 2019, we also worked intensively on the issue of caring for family members. The plan for 2020 is to implement a step-by-step “Work and Care” package. This is intended to help in the systematic development of a care-conscious HR policy.


6 Scope of survey: national; active regular staff; time: December 2019

Health, fun, team building: The cycling group of our company sports club.

consisting of 14 different measures at the three principal sites as well as twelve secondary sites in 2019.





Promoting and maintaining the health of our workforce is a key priority for us.

Measures to promote health in the workplace
In 2019, we created the framework for the implementation of a Corporate Health Management system (CHM) at TÜV NORD. The CHM comprises all activities of the Group that promote the health of its employees and consists of the pillars of occupational health and safety, integration management within the company and occupational health promotion (OHP). Digital health measures will also be offered from 2020.

The OHP measures will also include flu vaccinations, health checks and measures to counteract psychological problems such as stress or burnout. Our company sports club offers a wide range of sports that promote fitness and a sense of community. We also have cooperative agreements with gyms.

So that our employees are also prepared for emergencies, we ensure the availability of attractive offers for occupational disability insurance.

Good health ratio and occupational health and safety
The payback from our commitment is a very good health ratio among the staff. The year-on-year increase in the ratio confirms that the numerous measures are helping our employees live a healthy lifestyle.

Safety at work has an equally fundamental role to play in the TÜV NORD GROUP. In our company, occupational health and safety protection are implemented on the basis of European requirements and supplemented by internal preventive measures. Our safety concept monitors the correct implementation from top to bottom and includes all the global companies of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

Travel Risk Management
Of course, our safety standards also apply to business trips at home and abroad. In order to prepare our employees as fully as possible and to support them during their trips, the previously piloted Travel Risk Management (TRM) system was successfully expanded in April 2019 to include TÜV NORD CERT and TÜV NORD Mobilität, followed in July by DMT. In 2020, Travel Risk Management will be rolled out successively throughout the Group.

Strengthening our managers
In order to raise awareness among our managers of “healthy leadership” and “the reconciliation of work and family”, two formats were developed in 2019. The aim is, on the one hand, to make managers aware of their special role in these areas and, on the other, to give them the tools they need to actively promote them.

Members of staff are given a subsidy for their occupational pensions. This represents a readily affordable form of self-financed pension provision for employees. The offer is used by many staff.


were recorded in the TÜV NORD GROUP in 2019 – a comparatively low level. The trend is a downward one. Since 2016, the number of accidents has been at a consistently low level.


– a positive development compared to the previous year (2018: 94.3%). This high ratio is common to all the business units in TÜV NORD.⁷

7 Scope of survey: national; active regular staff;
time: 1. 1.–31. 12. 2019

Diversity in the TÜV NORD GROUP


“The diversity of our employees offers a huge potential that we want to unleash and promote even more effectively, both now and in the future.”

Yi Ding, Head of Finance, HR & Admin TÜV NORD Hangzhou Co., Ltd.


We are convinced that different employees with all their ideas, experience and cultures make the TÜV NORD GROUP more dynamic, generate more innovation and ultimately increase profitability. This is why we promote diversity within the Group.

We want to attract the best employees and retain them in the long term – regardless of cultural background, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities or religion. Because we are aware of the different requirements, we will strive in the future for tailor-made HR solutions such as training measures geared to the expertise and learning styles of the different generations. Internationally, the average age of our employees is 39.9 years, i.e. below the German average age of 46.3 years. The employees in Germany are about six years older on average than their counterparts abroad.



Since 2017, we have been focusing ever more intently on gender balance in our Group and have committed ourselves to increasing equal opportunities. The proportion of female employees in the Group today is 28.9%. Likewise very pleasing is the number of female managers in Germany, at 24%.⁸ Both ratios are good for a technical service provider.

These results confirm that we are well on the way to equality of opportunity and will spur us on to continue on this path. This is why we are developing various proactive strategies to promote diversity in the Group, also in respect of other areas. In connection with our measures for the organisation of working hours and the reconciliation of work and family life, we want to support the everyday reality of our employees.

In 2019, 3.9% of the employees on our payroll in Germany had serious disabilities, exactly the same figure as the previous year. Our HR4Business programme is also intended to further improve the general conditions. In this way, we aim to achieve the Group-wide goal of accessibility and equal opportunities for all employees and to combat the discrimination against and social exclusion of severely disabled people.
(> Diversus)



The TÜV NORD GROUP is active in over 70 countries. In Germany alone, we employ staff of over 50 different nationalities – constituting 3.4% of the German workforce.

This is where there are clear opportunities to expand the knowledge and experience of our employees through the deployment of additional international specialists. This is one of the reasons why the TÜV NORD GROUP signed the “Charter of Diversity”, an initiative to promote the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the German workplace. With the “Diversus” focus project and the resulting measures, we are seeking to continue to improve the equal opportunities landscape in our workforce.
(> Diversus)



8 Scope of survey: national; active regular staff; time: December 2019
9 Scope of survey: national / international; active regular staff; time: December 2019
10 Scope of survey: national; active regular staff; time: December 2019
11 Scope of survey: national; active regular staff; time: December 2019


The TÜV NORD scholarship holders at one of the exchange meetings in 2019. When awarding scholarships, we attach great importance to diversity.




We also aspire to continuously improve the general conditions in the TÜV NORD GROUP in the future.¹¹


A total of 3,653 of our employees work in more than 70 countries.


10,435 of our employees work in Germany.


Employee Representation – Having a Say


“That our employees have a say contributes significantly to the satisfaction of each individual and the long-term success of the TÜV NORD GROUP.”

Rüdiger Sparfeld,
Vice Chairman of the Group Staff Council of TÜV NORD


In the 150-year history of TÜV NORD, the world of work has undergone continuous changes. Co-determination is an important factor in successful HR work and is crucial in determining the extent to which the staff identify with their company. Which is why we work with the various committees to jointly implement our core issues.

This applies, for example, to modern working conditions in a digital world of work. To this end, we have concluded agreements on mobile working, a mobile device management agreement which makes the use of mobile devices safer, and an agreement on an online booking platform for business trips. Moreover, employees can now also make their views known on the intranet using the Like and Comment functions. We are involved in lively discussions with our Group disability representation on the topics of serious disability and inclusion.

The question of the added value generated by co-determination was discussed intensively at the staff council meeting in Berlin in November 2019. The employer representatives and the representatives of co-determination bodies such as the trade union, the staff council and the supervisory board agreed on one thing: sharing the task of determining the future of the company has played a key role for the TÜV NORD Group in the past – and will continue to do so in the future.


Panel discussion with representatives of both employers and employees in the TÜV NORD GROUP at the Staff Council Meeting in 2019.

are in place in the TÜV NORD GROUP in Germany: with a Group Staff Council, nine general staff councils and 57 local and company staff councils.