Digital Leadership Convention 2022 - Targeting Decisive Innovations!

The TÜV NORD GROUP Digital Leadership Convention 2022 
took place on 22nd June 2022 in a virtual format.


To get a taste of DLC 2022 and in general you can find the recording of the DLC 2021 and DLC 2022 here.

Targeting Decisive Innovations

"In the 2020s, we are at a new hinge point in history. Every business today is facing three strategic challenges:

  • First, there is the need to redefine the role of business in society, in sync with changing expectations, and establish clear business purpose that goes beyond short-term profits.
  • Second, we face the urgent objective to shift the economy to a path that delivers truly shared prosperity that respects the natural boundaries of our planet, not least the climate crisis.
  • Third, every company must craft a strategy that navigates an unprecedented set of disruptions—and in some cases existential questions—that are rapidly reshaping the competitive environment."

       (Source: BSR)

Following this, the 2020s are called the "decisive decade" in terms of meeting the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), achieving the balance between consumption, business and social responsibility. Innovation plays a crucial role therein: 
Where will we stand at the end of this decisive decade as TÜV NORD GROUP? How do we envision TNG in 2030?
We cannot foresee the future, but we can try to foresee multiple possible scenarios by the help of foresight methods. 
What type of innovations will guarantee the success on our way to 2030 and beyond? 
We need Decisive Innovations! 


DLC overarching goal

We want to create a platform to enable digital minds: to connect and get to know like-minded people, to expand the personal network and create a community of digital leaders, to share best practices across business units, countries and disciplines and also to drive the digital transformation of TÜV NORD GROUP. For that we want to motivate the participants to think outside the box, to challenge the status quo, rethink how business is done today and how customers will develop and to visualize the future of TÜV NORD GROUP and commit to foster change. We also want to demonstrate the current status of our digital transformation and further develop and support the creation of an entrepreneurial spirit. The goal is to inspire to raise the bar of each participant and to accelerate the pace of moving forward!

Date & Time

  • Date: 22nd June 2022

  • Duration: 4 hours + Workshop Session

  • Time: 10:00 - 14:00 (CEST) + Workshop Session (starting at 15:30 CEST)


  • Virtual format (Streaming location: tbd)

  • Live streaming with interactive elements

  • Language: English

  • The program includes keynotes, panel discussions, spotlights and workshops (details here)


  • All employees interested in making an interactive contribution to DLC are invited to apply for one of the limited tickets (deadline 29.04.2022)

  • Digital leadership is a matter of attitude and not necessarily linked to a leadership position in the classical sense

  • Selected agenda items will be made available for all employees via online stream / recording (after registration)