Data privacy and anonymity

Data protection is paramount

The independent specialist company GfK Employee Organizational Research (EOR) has been commissioned by the TÜV NORD GROUP to carry out a worldwide employee survey.

Experts from GfK EOR developed the survey questionnaire in collaboration with the TÜV NORD GROUP, and GfK EOR also guarantees that the responses to the questions will be handled in absolute confidence. The organisation is bound by the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and is subject to the strict rules and quality standards of the GfK Group, which in turn bases its work on the German and international standards which govern market and social research.

A data protection and anonymity agreement has been concluded between the TÜV NORD GROUP and GFK EOR which has been approved by the Data Protection Officer and also the works council of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

The anonymity of the employees who have completed the survey is assured. As soon as the questionnaire is transmitted, the name and email address of the employee can no longer be linked to his or her responses. The responses are sent to GfK EOR in an encoded form. The recording and evaluation of the data are carried out exclusively by GfK EOR. At no time does the TÜV NORD GROUP have access to the individual items of information.

Analysis of the data and feedback to the TÜV NORD GROUP are only undertaken for those organisational units where at least five completed questionnaires have been returned. If fewer than five questionnaires are available, the employee responses are absorbed into the results of higher-level organisational units. This provides double assurance: on the one hand the data are not lost, and on the other, anonymity is guaranteed.