Results of 2014


The findings of the last survey

The first worldwide TÜV NORD GROUP employee survey was carried out in May 2014. All employees of the national and international companies were called upon to express their opinions. The online survey was conducted by the independent institute GfK Trustmark – ensuring anonymity and data protection. The findings report provided a comprehensive picture of the views and the mood within the TÜV NORD GROUP.

Positive feedback:

  • Good response rate (57.2% overall; 58.6% Germany; 52.6% International)
  • Index for employee engagement was, with 73 points, above-average in comparison to industry in Germany (= 67)
  • Employee self-motivation was at a high level (85% enjoy their work)
  • Very strong customer orientation within the Group
  • Strongest drivers of commitment were “Tasks/Activities”, “Working” and “Health”


Room for improvement in the following areas:

  • The drivers of commitment, which were seen as least effective were "Strategic orientation", "Managing Board" and "Dealing with change"
  • On important topics, there were sometimes significant differences between the major companies (Management / national / international)
  • Deficits in communication culture
  • Deficits in the handling of necessary changes