Information of the Management Board on the handling of the Corona pandemic

Information of the Management Board on the handling of the Corona pandemic


Ladies and gentlemen,

We are all currently experiencing the severe effects of the global corona pandemic. The spread of the virus is still accelerating in Central Europe. States, regions and local authorities are expanding their countermeasures and deliberately paralysing public life in order to avert a collapse of medical care for the seriously ill.

As TÜV NORD GROUP, we have been able to define and implement a large number of effective protective measures since the outbreak of the pandemic, particularly through your personal support. We are currently preparing intensively for the challenges that lie ahead of us.

For this purpose, we have set up a central coordination office for corona virus, which advises and coordinates the necessary measures across divisions and countries. All divisions and many central functions are represented in this body. The health of all employees, their families and the well-being of our customers and partners has the highest priority. The further spread of the virus must be effectively prohibited in order to slow down the rate of infection over the coming weeks.

You have already received detailed and binding rules of conduct from your respective management and supervisors. We urge you to follow these instructions and recommendations consistently. In case of any questions, please contact your superior and the Human Resources department immediately and at any time.

Wherever possible, avoid travelling by public transport. At all times, please follow the known rules of hand hygiene and keep a minimum distance of one and a half to two metres from your other persons. This effectively serves your own protection and that of others. You can find further information, rules and answers to important questions on the intranet at

The economic consequences of the pandemic will vary greatly between our divisions and companies and cannot be reliably estimated at the moment. Our declared goal is to maintain the financial capacity to act of all units for the duration of the Corona crisis. We have defined a clear procedure under which TÜV NORD AG will ensure the liquidity of the individual companies. TÜV NORD AG is additionally reviewing possible options for the provision of sensible and necessary financing from third-party sources. We are all obliged to act in a liquidity-oriented manner, which means that only those new or replacement purchases that will have a short-term effect on our operating business will be made during the coronavirus crisis.

We are all aware that each and every one of us will have to face many challenges in the coming weeks. In addition to our jobs, for example, we will have to look after our children, who will have to stay at home in many countries. Please discuss the necessary arrangements for this openly with your superiors.

In conclusion, we as the Board of Management are convinced that the TÜV NORD GROUP will master the challenges posed by the coronavirus. We ask you to show solidarity, commitment and personal responsibility for yourself and your fellow human beings. We wish you and your families all the best for the coming weeks.

With best regards

The Board of Management of TÜV NORD AG

Dr. Dirk Stenkamp (Chairman)
Jürgen Himmelsbach
Harald Reutter