Renewable energies boom in India

New solar and wind power plants are being built all over India, and TÜV India is involved in many projects.



More and more solar power plants and wind turbines are being built throughout India. A trend which TÜV India is also benefiting from. The company has supported plants throughout the country with an output of more than 6,450 megawatts in their development, manufacture, construction and operation. And the development continues. “These projects have taken us into a new dimension, we've never yet processed such large orders for individual companies in the field of renewable energies,” explains V Viswanathan, TÜV India, the member of staff responsible for Renewable Services.


Here are three of the most recent projects in which TÜV India has been involved:

  • Adani Green Energy (AGEL) has built a solar power plant with a capacity of three times 20 MW near the prehistoric site of T Narasipura in the state of Karnataka. AGEL belongs to the Indian Adani conglomerate, India’s largest private energy producer, which is also active in the fields of raw materials, logistics and agribusiness. The company builds, owns and operates solar and wind power plants. TÜV India lent its support in a wide range of activities such as planning, contract management, supervision, inspection and performance testing during the construction of the plant.
  • TÜV India has also been supporting an Atria Power project. This project involves the construction of a three block 30 MW solar power plant. TÜV India was commissioned by the future owner of the plant to review the design plans and support the project. The range of tasks included support in the construction process, the approval of pre-commissioning and commissioning activities for evaluating the performance, and services related to operation and maintenance.
  • TÜV India was also able to support Clear Max Solar’s 238 MW solar power plant with project management services and inspections of the installed systems. The power plant consists of three blocks with capacities of 40, 48 and 150 MW respectively. Clean Max Solar is one of the leading solar power companies in India and is recognised by the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) as a leading developer of solar cells for house roofs. The US equity investment company Warburg Pincus contributed to this project.