Industrial Services: Change in OBS Food Management

Change in management of the Operative Business Segment (OBS) Food: The present Manager Kaustubh Korde is going to pursue his career outside of TÜV NORD GROUP.

In the course of the strategic development, different opinions have evolved on the orientation and implementation of strategy between BU IS Management and OBS Management. As a consequence, Mr Korde will resign his function and all related mandates and pursue his future career outside of TÜV NORD GROUP. This change will become effective immediately. Ulf Theike, Managing Director responsible for the OBS Food, will personally lead the operative business of this OBS for the time being.

BU IS Management thanks Mr Korde for his work and wishes him all the best for his future career and private life.

Within the 2020plus Strategy, food has been identified as a sector with significant growth opportunities. BU IS Management sees the Operative Business Segment well equipped for this goal: “Together with the highly motivated employees we will succeed to even further expand our good market position and to reach the growth target in the food sector.”