Motivation is the key

The "target panels” show the daily, monthly and annual goals of each area.  



To keep the show on the road, the person behind the wheel must always be sure they have the right people in the right seats and, more importantly, that they keep them awake and cheerful for the whole trip! But how do you do that when you have to deal with more than 40 people in one office and spread over 9 different areas?

It’s often the case that employees simply do what they’ve been told to do, pack up and go home. But BRTÜV has hit on the idea of telling everyone about the current economic situation of the company as a means of boosting motivation and, as a result, sales.

Every company measures its results and sets short- and long-term goals, but not every company includes its employees in the process. Reginaldo Maia, BRTÜV’s General Manager, recently ordered the installation of three new TV screens in the offices of different teams. These “target panels” show the daily, monthly and annual goals of each area along with what they’ve already accomplished. This simple innovation has turned out to be a gamechanger when it comes to motivating the BRTÜV team.

Sales, invoicing and scheduling have all outstripped the original targets. The staff are aware of the figures on the screen and devote energy to thinking about what they can do to achieve their targets. They brainstorm about their work and feel that this has become important part of their business. “Every time an area achieves its monthly goal, Reginaldo takes the team out for lunch,” says Marketing Coordinator Amanda Arrivabene from BRTÜV. These panels have changed and continue to change the way people feel about their work and about BRTÜV. Now they can instantly see the results of their work every time they look at the screen. Although the original plan was just to install these screens in the sales division, other divisions have also been clamouring for their own panels so that they can also review their own work in real time. According to Amanda Arrivabene, the result is that “we are making progress, and the staff are happier.”

Amanda Arrivabene’s conclusion: “If you want to motivate your team, you must give them freedom and choice and show them the difference their job makes to every penny the company earns every single day, even if their area isn’t directly responsible for sales. OK, so there’s no doubting the fact that you can and must always recognise and reward a job well done, but what really moves people is passion!”