OBS Renewables strengthens its market position in China

 An onshore wind farm. 

The intensification of sales activities is bearing fruit: OBS Renewables has been commissioned to certify new onshore turbines for Chinese manufacturers United Power and Dongfang Electric. With these new orders for type certification, TUV NORD has established a further foothold in the important Chinese wind energy market.

United Power (Guodian United Power Technology) has commissioned TÜV NORD to carry out type certification of the new UP3000-146 wind turbine in accordance with the internationally accepted IEC directive. TÜV NORD has also been awarded the contract to certify the newly developed 3.8 MW turbine from the Dongfang Electric Cooperation (DEC). The new directly driven turbine rounds off DEC’s portfolio for the international markets. Both companies are among China’s largest manufacturers in the wind energy field.

Dr Britta Schacht.

“We’ve greatly expanded our capabilities in China. Our customers are benefiting from personal contacts in Shanghai and Beijing. Extensive type certifications in accordance with the IEC directive will be carried out jointly by our accredited specialists in Germany and China,” explains Dr Britta Schacht, Senior Vice President for certification in Renewables.




Vincent Zhu.

Successful wind energy seminar in Shanghai

The new orders show the extent to which OBS Renewables has strengthened its position and its sales activities in China. A customer seminar held in Shanghai in July was a great success. “Our aim was to offer information on the issues and guidelines but also to present our new team in Shanghai to the Chinese customers as a way of showcasing our TÜV NORD technical knowledge and Expertise”, says Vincent Zhu, Vice President in Wind Certification at TÜV NORD Greater China. “The visitor feedback we received during and after the seminar was excellent,” he adds.

The seminar in Shanghai was attended by 65 senior managers, technical engineers and experienced experts from wind turbine manufacturers, research and design institutes, owners, investors and O&M businesses.