Pilot project for remote auditing shows benefits

Jörn Büßen (on the screen) and Siham Bahkani were in close contact during the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the remote audit.



Remote audits, that is to say audits supported by a video or telephone conference, are the focus of a pilot project being run by the Corporate Center Innovation of the Industrial Services business unit. Interested parties can continue to sign up to participate with their own audits.


Systematic preparation

As Innovation Manager Siham Bahkani, who is coordinating the project, explains: “You mostly have a mix of the classic on-site audit and an element that takes place ‘remotely’. Colleagues will be on site if, for example, a visit is required to assess safety issues. The remote elements come into their own when it comes to sifting through and discussing documents – you can often do this just as easily on your own screen in the office.” The Corporate Center Innovation is currently working with several departments to carry out a pilot project to systematically prepare for the planning, organisation, technical management and documentation of remote audits to enable these to be used in the audit process in the coming years. The aim of the audit support programme using Skype, WebEx or teleconferences is to save travel expenses and costs and to make the appointments system more flexible.


First experience acquired

In the context of an AZAV audit of a training services provider, Jörn Büßen from TÜV NORD CERT was able to carry out the audit from the comfort of his own office. His report: “Thanks to the remote audit, I managed to save four hours of driving on a Friday and was able to use this time to complete the audit documentation.”

In a similar fashion, Tobias Nelke has established the practice of remote auditing in the notified body for marine equipment of TÜV NORD Systems, SEECERT: “This procedure allows us to call on our experts ‘remotely’ for a short period and save on travel expenses and costs. This is making our prices more competitive and more attractive to our customers.”


Capacity for further interested parties

The Corporate Center Innovation is currently looking for auditors throughout the Group who are willing to familiarise themselves with these opportunities on a voluntary basis as a means of securing a competitive edge for themselves. The participants will be supported every step of the way as they carry out their own audits on remotely. “Moreover, the findings from this pilot phase will be factored into the final concept, which means that anyone taking part has a good opportunity to help shape the design of such audits,” says Siham Bahkani. Interested parties can apply directly to the project manager.