TÜV UK develops an app for crane inspections


Every crane has to be inspected every six month.



TÜV UK inspects around half the tower cranes currently in use in the Greater London area. For its customer London Tower Cranes (LTC), TÜV UK has developed an app to enhance the efficiency of crane tests. With a fleet of more than 200 cranes, LTC is the fourth largest tower crane hire company in the UK and the second largest on the London market. Every crane is inspected every six months, which has translated into over 400 inspections carried out by TÜV UK for LTC in 2018.

The TÜV UK app allows the employees to use their smartphones to compile lift and crane inspection reports. The main advantage is that the inspection report can be completed as soon as the engineer has finished the inspection, before he or she has even left the customer’s site. The report can then be made available to the customer in minutes using a QR code or sent via email.

This is seen as a significant competitive advantage for tower crane and plant hire inspections. It is not unusual for customers in these industries who use the competitors to have to wait for days and, in some cases, weeks for their reports.

The reporting application, which was initially developed for the customer LTC, is being rolled out to all existing TÜV UK customers, and all new customers are to be added to the app.