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Dr Dirk Stenkamp to succeed Dr Guido Rettig as Chairman of the Board of Management in 2017


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The Supervisory Board of the TÜV NORD GROUP has recently set the course for the next few years with some major personnel decisions: Dr Dirk Stenkamp will become Chairman of the Board of Management of the TÜV NORD GROUP in 2017. He succeeds Dr Guido Rettig, who, alongside Dr Klaus Kleinherbers, is to step down from the Board as previously planned. You can read more about it in this edition of the International Newsletter, which is now being issued in a new design and is thereby taking its cue from the new website of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

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Dr Guido Rettig and Dr Klaus Kleinherbers will leave the Board of Management at the end of the year – Dr Dirk Stenkamp to become the new Chairman of the Board on 01.01.2017

Two long-standing members of the Board of Management – Chairman Dr Guido Rettig and Dr Klaus Kleinherbers – will step down at the end of 2016. The Supervisory Board of TÜV NORD AG has appointed Dr Dirk Stenkamp as the new Chairman of the Board of Management, taking effect on January 1 2017.

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Consolidated financial statement 2015: Well set up for the digital future with solid annual results

The TÜV NORD GROUP in Germany and abroad can look back on a successful fiscal year in 2015. Sales rose to 1,116.6 million euros operating profit amounted to 62.3 Million euros. "Our Group continues to develop very satisfactorily. A glance at the key figures on the balance sheet makes this very clear,” said the Chairman of the Board Dr Guido Rettig at the annual financial press conference in Hanover, Germany.

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First new websites are online

The first new websites are online. The web relaunch team started the roll-out with Two weeks later, the new site went online. In the coming weeks more and more sites will go live in a new layout and with the new concept.

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The ASME team performed excellent work in 2015

The staff of the international ASME team did some excellent work in 2015. According to Jürgen Henrichsmeyer, support from each of the team members is resulting in the formation of a strong team. “We are now providing services in 25 countries, with over 60 ASME inspectors (AI) for more than 200 shops in 15 countries. That means we’ve doubled the number of our clients within two years. We’ve increased the number of inspectors by 50 % in the same period.”

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International Trade Fairs with TÜV NORD GROUP participation

Please follow the link for an overview of international trade fairs in which the TÜV NORD GROUP is participating.

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Asia Pacific

Change at the top at TUV India

Anil Rairikar, longstanding Managing Director of TUV India, will in future take responsibility for the strategic development of the business in the region in the capacity of Regional Director- Business Development (India and South Asia). His successor, Manish Bhuptani, has over 13 years’ worth of operational experience at TUV India.

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Industry 4.0 – a key theme of the visit of Dr Dirk Stenkamp to Indonesia

During his visit to TÜV NORD Indonesia in March, Dr Dirk Stenkamp, Member of the Board of Management of the TÜV NORD GROUP, focused on food safety and the increasing digitalisation of the industrial sector, which is a priority of the corporate strategy 2020plus.

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TÜV NORD China kicks off 5S project

TÜV NORD China has improved its working environment and working efficiency with the help of a 5S project which was launched in July 2015. The staff and the management put the 5S standard into practice after six months. 5S is the name of a workplace organisation method that uses a list of five Japanese words: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. The list describes how to organise a workplace for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used, looking after the area and the items, and keeping the new arrangement going.

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Energy managers to be trained in a new project

At TÜV NORD Indonesia they know energy management inside out: It is the first and, so far, only company in the country with its own, local ISO 50001 auditors and to have been accredited for ISO 50001 by the national accreditation body KAN. The company executed the Uplift project until 2015. Now, Danish development aid organisation Danida has brought Eva Pitterling and her team from TÜV NORD Indonesia on board for their ESP3 environmental programme.

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TÜV NORD – promoting traffic safety in the Czech Republic too

In Prague, the TÜV STATION has been augmented by the addition of a training centre to drive forward the transfer of expertise. Another vital element in the area of traffic safety which is now attracting more attention is correct loading and load securing.

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Middle East

Risk Management workshops for its auditors and clients

FAHSS/TÜV NORD Saudi Arabia has organised a number of workshops on risk management for its auditors in the fields of quality management, energy management, occupational health, food safety and responsible care, to name but a few. These workshops were also attended by client representatives. The training was based on the ISO 31000:2009 standard – "Risk Management Principles and Guidelines".

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Execution of basic trainings/supervision of road worthiness inspection for Heavy Goods Vehicles

TÜV NORD Egypt is collaborating with a testing centre in Egypt which goes by the name of the “Transportation Management Centre” (TMC). TMC is a unique centre which is offering services that are new to Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East.

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Ground movement monitoring – DMT and TÜV NORD Egypt cooperate

A leading real estate developer in cooperation with TÜV NORD Egypt has commissioned DMT’s Surveying & Geomonitoring experts to install and operate a complex monitoring system for the observation and evaluation of ground movements at an extensive mountainside recreation resort in Egypt.

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