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24 April 2017 | Industry: Networking, automatisation, new data flows and interfaces offer great opportunities – but also mean new challenges.

Hannover: The industry of today is facing fundamental change. Networking, automatisation, new data flows and interfaces offer great opportunities – but also mean new challenges. At this year’s Hannover Messe trade fair, TÜV NORD is introducing integrated service packages to help companies utilise digital transformation both effectively and securely.

The European industrial landscape is changing very rapidly: decentralised power plants produce energy finely-tuned to demand, manufacturing processes are being virtually controlled and individualised, and producers, suppliers and customers are networked with one another. TÜV NORD GROUP has bundled numerous interdisciplinary services within its Industrial Services business unit in order to play the most active and positive role possible within this transformation process.

“In many organisations, areas which up to now have not directly interfaced with one another are now starting to work together. And smaller and medium-sized enterprises have also recognised that networking, automation and decentralisation offer enormous potentials for their business. But it is also essential to evaluate and cover the new risks associated with this new approach. Our interdisciplinary teams of experts will help our clients to navigate this fundamental change effectively and with the necessary high level of security”, says Ulf Theike, General Manager of TÜV NORD Systems.

And much is also changing at the level of standards and regulations. TÜV NORD is represented on many standardisation committees by its experts, who contribute their daily working experience to both sector-specific and universal standards. These experts anticipate future developments at an early stage and create a bridge between industry and regulators.

TÜV NORD GROUP will be present at Hannover Messe with Energy as one of its core topics. It will focus particularly on energy efficiency and energy management, energy-related inspections and audits, certification of industrial IT security and services in the areas of nuclear and wind energy. In addition, the Group will present itself as an attractive employer, offering interesting positions and also the opportunity for dual courses of study, which combine a university degree with practical work.

TÜV NORD GROUP at Hannover Messe: Hall 27, Stand G41.


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Annika Burchard

Industry, Energy, TÜV NORD Akademie

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