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08.10.2014: mediaTest digital and TÜV Informationstechnik (TÜV NORD GROUP) presented a web platform for secure mobile applications and devices at the it-sa IT security trade fair in Nuremberg.

mediaTest digital and TÜV Informationstechnik (TÜV NORD GROUP) presented a web platform for secure mobile applications and devices at the it-sa IT security trade fair in Nuremberg. This web platform is unique in Europe. The “Application Security Center” portal covers all areas of App security and management of mobile end devices – starting with App Risk Management, through testing of the mobile infrastructure, up to advice on the development of secure Apps.

Apps for smartphones and tablets may appear innocent at first sight, but can in fact represent a serious source of risk for data security – particularly in the corporate context. To make it easy to start secure handling of Apps, various service access levels are available – depending on whether the visitor to the portal is an organisation with a need for App Risk Management components and secure Mobile Device Management, or an App provider interested in the testing and certification of its Apps.

Mobile security in the corporate environment

Industrial espionage and spying are unfortunately on the increase, and this presents a challenge to organisations utilising mobile end devices. Use of Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems is becoming ever more popular as a means of minimising the risks, but such systems cannot guarantee comprehensive and full protection. “This is the starting point for the Application Security Center. The portal contains products which – either independently or working together with MDM systems – provide a solution that can significantly reduce the risks arising from mobile devices. Clients understand the scale of the problem, and are happy to make use of a user-friendly platform which is easy to understand“, says Sebastian Wolters, one of the three top executives at mediaTest digital.

Based on comprehensive security testing and risk analysis, the “Appvisory” Mobile Application Management solution within the Application Security Center offers the highest security standards for business smartphones and tablets. “With the Application Security Center, we aim to offer efficient security solutions which function superbly in order to cover the extensive and fast growing security requirements of organisations utilising mobile end devices and Apps”, explains Antonius Sommer, General Manager of TÜViT. The Trusted App Directory provides access to the secure App portfolio and is based on the criteria of mediaTest digital and TÜViT. It also embodies the legal rules and requirements of the Federal Data Security Act (BDSG) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Developing and marketing secure Apps

Although the most important thing for companies and other organisations is to manage existing applications securely, many security risks can already be excluded during the App development process. Therefore the “Secure Apps” guideline was drawn up to enable App developers to create secure and BDSG-compliant Apps from the beginning. This guideline contains checklists and practical recommendations based on the current and future App security standards of the BSI. Adherence to the guideline and the standards can be the first step towards the “Trusted App“ seal of quality, which is awarded jointly by mediaTest digital and TÜViT.

The Application Security Center can be accessed via

About TÜViT

TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH – known in short as TÜViT – with headquarters in Essen, is a leading provider of inspection and testing services for IT Security and IT Quality. TÜViT has an Assessment and Confirmation Body which is accredited by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) based on the German Digital Signature Act - SigG). We support manufacturers, operators and users of IT systems, IT products and IT infrastructures, helping to maintain corporate values based on testing and certification. Our IT Security experts focus on services such as Common Criteria assessments, cyber security, mobile security, industrial security, penetration tests, evaluation of information security management systems according to ISO/IEC 27001 and data protection audits. A further aspect is testing and certification of data centres with regard to their physical security and availability.

About mediaTest digital

mediaTest digital specialises in security testing and certification of mobile applications (Apps) and supports companies in safeguarding their mobile IT infrastructure. The test institute, based in Hanover, is a leading neutral service provider and enables comparison between mobile applications, creating security and trust for private and business use of Smartphones and tablets. mediaTest digital supports companies in the introduction and implementation of Enterprise Mobility Concepts to protect against loss of data and industrial espionage. App manufacturers and providers are also able to optimise their products on the basis of test reports and can make use of the “Trusted App” seal of quality in publicising their services and communicating with stakeholders.

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