Software Quality Evaluation – Strategic cooperation between TÜViT and SIG extended

On 25 March 2014, TÜViT and Dutch company Software Improvement Group (SIG) signed an extension of their cooperation contract.

The aim of the strategic cooperation is to extend the TÜViT portfolio and to bundle competences with SIG in the area of software quality.

The starting point for the cooperation is the product “Software Quality Evaluation” (SQE). SQE is a tool-supported analysis of comprehensive source code systems, where quality characteristics such as complexity, comprehensibility and test capability are determined. The know-how of the two partners, upon which the evaluations are based, derives from a high level of technical competence, a systematic way of working and more than 500 software systems that have already been analysed. The Software Quality Evaluation plays a part in significantly reducing costs, risks and development times during the software development process.

“I am proud of this long-term partnership between the Software Improvement Group (SIG) and the renowned IT company TÜViT. Together we evaluate quality of IT software systems. In this way we help customers to secure and improve their business-critical operations.”

“With the continuation and deepening of our cooperation with SIG, we are offering a service within the German market which helps our clients to save costs and time during the development and maintenance of individual software and also to examine legacy systems for the possibility of further sustainable use. Our clients receive a benchmark comparison against comparable software systems and therefore enjoy a direct advantage from this unique service”, explains Antonius Sommer, CEO of TÜViT.

About SIG

SIG is a management consultancy that focuses on software-related challenges. SIG provides management with fact-based insight into their current IT situation, along with razor-sharp, pragmatic and highly actionable recommendations on how to improve on that situation. We know how to govern software projects effectively, when to invest in quality improvement, how to rationalise, and how to control cost. By consolidating low-level technical analysis and high-level financial analysis we make sure our recommendations are the best fit for your specific business needs.

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