TÜV NORD issues first Type Certificate and Rotor Blade Component Certificate for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

22 March 2018 | Industry: TÜV NORD and SGRE successfully completed all works within the agreed timeline.

Hamburg: TÜV NORD has completed type certification of the SWT-2.5-120 wind turbine for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE). This includes the upgraded SWT-2.625-120 turbine. TÜV NORD also issued the prototype certificate for the SWT-2.5-120 in 2016.

The onshore wind turbine has been developed by SGRE specifically for the U.S. market in order to harvest high energy yields in medium to low wind speeds. From the initially certified SWT-2.5-120 prototype, with rated power of 2.5 MW and rotor diameter of 120 meters, TÜV NORD was charged with the task of monitoring the further progression of the turbine to an increased rated power of 2.625 MW for type certification.

Intensive expert evaluation for the type certificate

For the prototype certification, TÜV NORD assessed and confirmed the turbine design and issued the certificate for prototype erection at the Høvsøre test site in Denmark, for which TÜV NORD also evaluated the foundation. During the prototype test campaign, TÜV NORD carried out a further detailed design evaluation and confirmed, based on the test measurement results, that the wind turbine, in its final design, is in line with state-of-the-art technology, withstanding all expected load scenarios with performance characteristics as predicted by SGRE.

In parallel, in its manufacturing inspection evaluation, TÜV NORD testified that the production of the main components and the final wind turbine hub and nacelle assembly was consistent with the design requirements and SGRE’s specifications, pronouncing them mature for high-quality serial production.

Project finished within scheduled time

In late 2017, TÜV NORD and SGRE successfully completed all works within the agreed timeline and TÜV NORD issued its first type certificate for an SGRE wind turbine.

A second highlight of the type certification project was the issue of TÜV NORD’s first rotor blade component certificate for SGRE, which was integrated into the type certificate.

“This first type certification for Siemens Gamesa was a project with a demanding time schedule and high expectations. We are very proud of achieving this milestone in close partnership with SGRE and look forward to tackling the next projects,” says Silvio Konrad, member of the Board of Management of the Industrial Services business unit with responsibility for the Energy strategic business segment.


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Annika Burchard

Industry, Energy, TÜV NORD Akademie

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