TÜV NORD issues IECRE certificate for GE wind turbine

TÜV NORD has issued one of the world’s first IECRE turbine certificates to General Electric (GE).

Hamburg, Germany: TÜV NORD has issued one of the world’s first IECRE turbine certificates to General Electric (GE). The aim of the new conformity assessment system from the International Electrotechnical Committee for Renewable Energy (IECRE) is to harmonise standards while maintaining a high safety level.


TÜV NORD issued the new IECRE certificate for the GE 2.3 MW turbine with its 116-metre rotor platform at the end of 2016. The turbine has an increased blade swept area that allows for greater energy capture and improved economic efficiency.

“The IECRE system is an important step forward for the renewable energy industry towards a global certification system with harmonised standards. In the long term, the intention is for the global IECRE Type Certificates also to be recognised for national permissions. All this will reduce certification time and costs and, in the process, the time to market,” says Michael Dahm, Executive Vice President Renewables at TÜV NORD. “In close cooperation with GE we’ve been able to issue one of the first certificates for the new system. We always strive to offer our customers the latest developments in the certification field to keep them ahead in the industry.”


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Annika Burchard

Industry, Energy, TÜV NORD Akademie

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