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In this edition of our International Newsletter we report, among other things, on OPTOCAP’s research into Quantum Key Distribution, the standardised IT infrastructure project SmartTIC and a meeting of Food OBS cluster heads in India.

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Employee survey 2017 – send us your smartphone videos

Our second Group-wide online employee survey starts on 20 November. To draw people’s attention to the survey we would like to make a short film with many statements from throughout the Group. To make this film possible, we need your support.

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Food OBS
TÜV India hosts Food OBS cluster heads meeting

A recent cluster heads meeting for the Food OBS brought together Ulf Theike, Chief Operating Officer Resources4Life SBS, with the Food OBS steering committee members and cluster heads in Pune, India.

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Industrial Services
SmartTIC lays the foundation for the digitalisation of business processes

Procedures are to be simplified, standardised and digitised – these, at any rate, are the objectives of SmartTIC (Smart Testing, Inspection, Certification), a standardised IT infrastructure for integrated operational and administrative processes.

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News from the #explore online magazine

TÜV NORD GROUP’s online magazine #explore takes a look at the truth about fake news. The editors report on the new test cycle for cars and explain the term “security be design“.

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International trade fairs with TÜV NORD GROUP participation

​​​​​This is an overview of international trade fairs in which TÜV NORD GROUP is participating.

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TÜV NORD Southern Africa
TÜV NORD Southern Africa Red Carpet Gala Dinner Event

The One & Only Hotel, in the heart of Cape Town’s Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, was the perfect setting for TÜV NORD Southern Africa (TNSA) to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

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OPTOCAP researching the encryption technology of the future

OPTOCAP is researching tomorrow’s encryption technology using quantum computing. This company of the ALTER TECHNOLOGY Group, headquartered in Scotland, specialises in the packaging of optoelectronic and microelectronic components used in the aerospace industry.

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TÜV NORD Mobilität
Vamos a España

In the context of the internationalisation of TNM activities, the planning spotlight has now shifted to Spain. The aim is to establish vehicle valuations for sales between private individuals on the market as a free-market service.

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TÜV NORD Scandinavia
Swedish company renamed TÜV NORD Scandinavia

What was TÜV NORD Sweden is now TÜV NORD Scandinavia. “What comes as just a change of brand has to be seen in a much wider context,” says Anders Egerbo, General Manager of TÜV NORD Scandinavia.

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TÜV Croatia
20 years of TÜV Croatia characterised by highs and lows

TÜV Croatia has now been around for 20 years and has experienced both highs and lows during this period. Notwithstanding the fraught economic situation in the country, Dr Đuro Tunjić, General Manager of TÜV Croatia, takes an optimistic view of the future.

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TÜViT and Kepco: Dialoguing on secure smart metering systems

For the second time, a delegation from Korea’s largest energy provider, Kepco, has visited TÜViT in Essen. In their quest for information, the guests focused on the German and European smart metering system.

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Asia Pacific

Rail OBS
Major order secured in India thanks to BOLD MOVE structure

An international team from the Rail OBS has landed a major international order: on behalf of the operator of the underground railway system in the Indian capital, TÜV NORD is to assume responsibility for monitoring the construction of 19 metro trains.

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Middle East

DMT explores subsoil in the Dead Sea

The world’s 8th largest potash producer, the Jordanian firm Arab Potash Company Ltd., is using the services of German engineering and exploration company DMT for a ground survey of the Dead Sea.

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