TÜV HELLAS celebrates 30 years in Greece

More than 1,000 guests attended the 30th anniversary of TÜV HELLAS.


Over 1,000 national and international guests from the business and financial fields attended the gala hosted by TÜV HELLAS in March to mark its 30th anniversary in Greece. The evening highlighted the present status of TÜV HELLAS as the country’s leading company in the field of inspection and certification, in which it has been offering services with prestige, reliability and added value since 1987. During these years the organisation’s brand name has been linked with the largest infrastructure and development projects in Greece, to which it has contributed its services to improve the quality and safety of products and constructions.

The celebration was kicked off with welcome speeches by George Kechribaris, Member of the Board of Management of TÜV HELLAS & Executive Regional Manager Middle East of TÜV NORD GROUP, Υves Schoen, Regional Manager Europe & President of TÜV HELLAS board, and Savvas Peltekis, Managing Director of TÜV HELLAS.

George Kechribaris stated: “The impressive attendance by colleagues, partners, clients and friends leaves me feeling grateful and proud because it demonstrates to me the widespread recognition of our efforts to promote the concept of quality in our country. It’s also a reward for our constant efforts always to act in a manner consistent with our values of integrity and objectivity.”

In his speech Savvas Peltekis said: “Aristotle believed that there are areas in which it is by doing the things we have to learn before we can do them that we actually learn them. And we have learned those things in the last 30 successful years with respect to our clients, the environment and the society in which we operate. We have always set great store by responsibility, objectivity and transparency. I would like to thank everyone at TÜV HELLAS, because together we will continue to make our world safer. Quality is not a single action. It’s a habit!”

Yves Schoen emphasised: “TÜV HELLAS has 30 years of achievements to show and these two gentlemen who founded the company are still here with us. It takes a strong commitment to the company, the dream and the team. It has always been a pleasure working with you and watching your determination against all odds. It is really impressive to notice that half of TÜV HELLAS employees have been with the company for more than 10 years while together with the young generation make a team of highly experts able to sustain quality standards and take on large projects like the airport or the Olympic projects. TÜV HELLAS has managed to transfer its expertise to other countries over these 30 years and now is the time to stand together as a global team.”

The night’s guest-of-honour was Dr Dirk Stenkamp, Chairman of the Board of Management of the TÜV NORD GROUP: “During its 30 years of growth and development, TÜV HELLAS has become a role model for the foundation and strategic direction of some 50 other international companies of TÜV NORD that have been founded until the present day. Its outstanding success is based on three major pillars: The qualification of its employees, the flexibility of its staff and, last but not least, an aspiration to do business on an international scale by transcending national frontiers and supporting customers across the world. And TÜV HELLAS is indeed now active around the world. From Australia to America.”

It is worth noting that, during his speech, Dr Dirk Stenkamp, on behalf of the TÜV NORD GROUP, made a donation to the “Margarita” vocational training centre, a non-profit organisation certified by TÜV HELLAS, as a contribution to funds that go to support people with disabilities.

During the event the guests had the opportunity to enjoy three very interesting presentations. First of all, Theodosis Tassios, Professor of Civil Engineering at NTUA, spoke about the ethical elements of quality management; he was followed by Thodoris Georgakopoulos, Editorial Director of the non-profit organisation Dianeosis, who highlighted the evolution of research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece. The last speaker was Prof. Georgios Bohoris, Professor of Total Quality Management & MBA TQΜ International Director, University of Piraeus, who offered an analysis of quality endorsement in Greece and recent research findings.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the TÜV HELLAS anniversary movie. Colleagues from the various international TÜV NORD companies had previously sent videos to TÜV HELLAS offering birthday greetings.

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