TÜV NORD NTA established a set of vehicle inspection solutions

Yong Yuan (from left) and Hongqing Gao are important business partners, Hartmut Abeln, Chairman of the Board of Management of TÜV NORD Mobilität, Ray Ge, CEO of TÜV NORD NTA, Reiner Jaspers, head of the International Division of TÜV NORD Mobilität.


Since the introduction into China of the TÜV NORD vehicle inspection brand in 2015, TÜV NORD NTA Mobility (Shanghai) has been continuously working on the training of professional inspectors in different regions of China. Having learnt from its experience in the industry and listened to customer feedback, TÜV NORD NTA has managed to constantly optimise and update its products and service network. A set of vehicle inspection solutions in line with Chinese consumer requirements is currently being developed, and the TÜV NORD vehicle inspection division has entered into long-term and close cooperation agreements with many industrial partners, among them Alibaba Xianyu Used Car, Pangda Dealer Group, WanGao, ZhongTiao technology, Guangzhou WeiPu Automotive, JunWeiLong Luxury Car and other many other enterprises.

The Annual Meeting & Customer Appreciation Dinner of TÜV NORD NTA was held in the Jin Mao building of the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai. TÜV NORD NTA staff and shareholders welcomed more than 150 guests from venture capital institutions, Guangdong CADA, Jiangsu CADA, the China Association of Auctioneers, OEM, dealer groups, independent dealers, auction companies, used-car markets, e-commerce companies, extended service providers and media institutions. These have witnessed the company’s growth and development over the past year, and, in the course of the evening, expressed their appreciation to partners and customers for their outstanding support and help.

The meeting officially opened with a welcome speech from Hartmut Abeln, Chairman of the Board of Management of TÜV NORD Mobilität. He introduced the Mobility business unit and its dominant position in the vehicle technology services business area in Germany. Thanks to the collaboration, he said, he had developed a much better understanding of the Chinese used car industry, and he underlined his full confidence with regard to the prospects offered by the market. He went on to express his conviction that, on the back of the company’s mature experience of market management in Germany, TÜV NORD vehicle inspection will contribute to the orderly and healthy development of China's used car market and its convergence with industry standards.

Ray Ge, Chairman of TÜV NORD NTA Mobility (Shanghai), introduced the company itself, including its history and the company’s vision of becoming a leading vehicle technology service company in China with a hundred-year brand.