“the network” is committed to diversity and exchange

Diverse teams deliver better results, as numerous studies show. This is mainly due to the fact that different perspectives and experiences are incorporated and existing information is better thought through. And, what’s more, it’s simply more fun to work in mixed teams. There are many reasons for the members of the corporate network, just known as “the network”, to get involved. 


What is “the network”

“the network” is a corporate network open to women and men of all ages, nationalities, hierarchical levels and group companies. It is committed to increasing diversity within the company, thus promoting innovation, growth and internationality. The network has three objectives: In the long term, at least 30 percent of each gender should be represented at each management level; in addition, the network advocates increasing the proportion of international managers in the Group; the network is also committed to developing and maintaining competencies as a platform for the exchange of knowledge between young and old.

In concrete terms, day-to-day work involves regular exchanges between members, synergy effects through networking between group companies and collegial advice for women on their way to a management position. With these activities, the network is contributing to the company's success.

Even though the network was launched in Germany, it intends to go global in the medium term. The network would like to support the establishment of regional groups with the aim of strengthening the further development of the TÜV NORD Group through cultural diversity and intercultural communication. The Annual Conference is a good way to get to know the work of “the network”. At this annual event, participants have the opportunity to discuss interesting topics and network with others with the aid of an attractive lecture programme and many workshops.

The Group Executive Committee supports the internationalisation of the network and wants to enable interested colleagues from our international companies to participate1. The number of places is limited.

The next Annual Conference will take place on 6 September 2019 in Hanover (Germany). The headline for this year's Annual Conference is “Digitisation/New Work - Impact on Society, Companies and Individuals.” This headline will be addressed in the lectures and its implications investigated at greater depth in various workshops.

For questions and registration for the Annual Conference in Hanover please use the e-mail address given in the contact box.

The board of “the network” will be happy to answer your questions and is looking forward to your registration.

Babette Fahlbruch, Christina Löffler, Daniela Peukert,  Tuesday Porter, Svenja Schroerschwarz,  Triin Tint



1Travel expenses (economy) are covered by the respective Group companies. The hotel costs are paid by the participants themselves. The day of the annual meeting counts as a working day.