Celebrating the 150th anniversary of TÜV NORD GROUP

Celebration in Indonesia on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of TÜV NORD.



TÜV NORD Indonesia celebrated the 150 years success story of the TÜV NORD GROUP at the laboratory building in Cikarang with all management staff and employees, who were very excited to listen to the 150 years story of continuous success of the TÜV NORD GROUP. “Not many companies in the world have been so persistent throughout such a long period of time, and the challenges and obstacles that have been overcome are proof of the persistence and endurance of the TÜV NORD working culture,” said President Director Robert Napitupulu who spoke with passion and full of motivation. He gexpressed his appreciation of all the employees and emphasised that TÜV NORD Indonesia, as a subsidary of TÜV NORD GROUP, will always ensure the safety and prosperityof all its employess and offer a comfortable working environment to provide the best possible service to all its clients.

Members of staff form a human "150".

All the employees gathered to celebrate this anniversary event full of fun and happiness. During the festival, however, the company also considered its social responsibility: TÜV NORD Indonesia staff made donations in kind to the orphans from “Rumah Harapan Foundation” an orphanage located near the laboratory of TÜV NORD Indonesia. “These donations will help to support the children‘s basic needs and their education,” Mr Napitupulu said with confidence.

Celebrations in Jakarta