Open discussions at hub kick-off meeting in Bangkok

Representatives from the Quality and Environmental Management Division and representatives of the Asian region for the hubs Greater China and Asia Pacific.



“Refreshing”, “very frank and honest discussions”, “agreed on many points”. This was some of the feedback from the hub kick-off quality meeting in Bangkok. At the invitation of Mathias Brändle, Management Representative of the TÜV NORD GROUP, a dozen participants from the TÜV NORD companies in East Asia met with representatives of the management department to discuss possible steps to improve cooperation between the companies in the management systems field.

The participants stressed that such a regional hub would bring many benefits: it would enhance regional acceptance and make use of an existing and functioning network; the sites would be located in neighbouring time zones; and country-specific aspects would be taken into account. “We arrived at a common understanding of our issues,” says Mathias Brändle by way of summary. “And we have agreed on further close cooperation.” The parties with responsibility aim to meet in person once a year, and the intention is also to hold regular regional meetings. “We’re going to stay in touch,” Mathias Brändle continues, “so that we can work together on the integrated management system of the TÜV NORD GROUP. This will enhance our operational excellence worldwide.”

Hub kick-off quality meeting in Bangkok