COSCO SHIPPING praises TÜV NORD China’s services for CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal

CSP Abu Dhabi Terminals - 1st Main Line Vessel Call.



TÜV NORD China received a commendatory letter from CSP Abu Dhabi Terminals after the 1st Main Line Vessel Call production of the terminal was successfully completed and all the equipment was operating smoothly on 20 April 2019. “This is the second time we’ve received a commendatory letter from COSCO SHIPPING,” says General Manager of TÜV NORD China Jun Ren proudly. In December, his company already received a commendatory letter from COSCO SHIPPING Ports in the wake of the successful opening of Phase II of the Abu Dhabi Terminal on 10 December 2018.

The Abu Dhabi Khalifa Terminal Phase II is the result of the “New Silk Road” cooperation between China and Abu Dhabi. This marks the first overseas Greenbelt project of the COSCO SHIPPING seaborne port and the hub port in the Middle East and has attracted much attention from all walks of life at home and abroad.

As a third party inspection company, TÜV NORD China has since September 2017 provided supervision services for 11 ship-to-shore cranes, 32 automated rail mounted gantry cranes and one unit of slewing crane equipment in the manufacturing process in China and the final acceptance process at the Abu Dhabi terminal. “With our professional services, TÜV NORD China has won great recognition and high praise from COSCO SHIPPING,” adds Mr Ren.

COSCO SHIPPING is one of the largest shipping companies in the World and also owns several dozen container terminal systems. In Khalifa, the Chinese international trade and infrastructure programme known as the New Silk Road is an important pillar of its business.

COSCO expresses thanks to TÜV NORD China for its services