EU Horizon 2020 project to develop computer-assisted training platform against cyber threats


Cybersecurity threats against businesses are constantly increasing in both volume and complexity. Additionally, the exploding numbers of IoT networked machines increase both the threats and the related vulnerabilities. There are no universal recipes to defend against cyber attacks, they are too complex for that. But why bury your head in the sand? Users’ training is a key factor in defending. The EU Horizon 2020 Innovation project “Threat-Arrest” deals with this topic in detail. 15 consortium partners are involved, including TÜV Hellas. The project’s aim is to create a computer-assisted, model-driven training platform that provides the much-needed effective cybersecurity training.

To “get prepared” for cyber attacks and develop defense mechanisms, past, present and future threats and attacks play a role. All these threat scenarios can be “played” through the “Threat Arrest” platform, using Serious Games, Emulation and Simulation techniques, and according to specific “Cyber Threat and Training Preparation Models” (CTTPs) which guide the security training sessions. Tools will be developed to evaluate the effectiveness of the security controls applied. Additionally, the skills and performance of the IT security specialists using the platform will be evaluated during the training sessions. The “Threat Arrest” platform will be validated within real-world pilot projects involving Health, Smart Home and Smart Shipping pilot cases.

TÜV Hellas’ part will be to evaluate and "certify" the CCTP models. "Evaluating and certifying is our main business", explains George Leftheriotis from TÜV Hellas. "This applies not only to processes and content, but also to people. TÜV Hellas will work on the content of the “Threat Arrest” platform so that it can gain recognition and association to established international security training programmes and Bodies - including ISACA, (ISC)2, CSA, SANS - GIAC. The “Threat Arrest” project promises significant commercial exploitation - once the project is successfully complete, TÜV Hellas could be able to offer such security training services".

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