TÜV NORD now accredited to perform amusement ride inspections in Dubai and Denmark

Pillai Haji Kumar (Assistant General Manager, Industrial Services at TUV NORD Middle East (centre)) receives the accreditation certificate.


In March, TÜV Nederland received the extension for Denmark of its ISO 17020 accreditation. With this accreditation, TÜV NORD is now able to perform amusement park ride inspections and certifications in Denmark. One of TÜV NORD’s largest customers, Parques Reuidos, operates several parks in Denmark which now can also be inspected by TÜV NORD as part of the existing framework contract. The extension also enables the company to actively approach other parks in the country which have to date been served only by local companies.

Furthermore, TÜV Middle East has been awarded local Level 1 Inspection Body accreditation by the Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC), enabling TÜV NORD to provide inspection services for the fast-growing amusement and leisure industry in Dubai. “Only two other companies have obtained this accreditation for the UAE. Being the third player on this market with its tremendous potential is a door-opener for us, and we have already signed significant contracts in Dubai as a direct result,” says Ralph Pesgens, Head of the Amusement & Leisure Industry Competence Centre.

Even though the accreditations are in the name of TÜV Nederland and TÜV Middle East, other subsidiaries such as TÜV NORD Systems or TÜV Hellas may be allowed to perform inspections on behalf of the accredited company. “We would not have obtained the accreditation without close collaboration with and the shared expertise of TÜV NORD Systems, TÜV Nederland, TÜV Hellas and TÜV Middle East. And I want to thank everyone for their support during the process,” resumes Ralph Pesgens, “we want to use our existing resources in Germany, the Netherlands and Greece and to train local inspectors in high-potential, fast-growing markets such as Middle East.”