Conference paves the way to a common sales strategy in the Americas

Attendees at the first Sales Meeting: Scott Grossmann (from left, back row), Amadeo Berdou, Jennifer Bartoszek, Noemi Mafra, Pamela Delgadillo, Christine Flöter; Reynaldo Serra (from left, front row), Rafael Hernández, Oscar Loza, Raul Mitre, Ralf Thomsen and Reginaldo Maia.


Managing Directors from the TÜV NORD companies in the Americas and their sales representatives intend to intensify their cooperation. They met for a two-day sales conference in the Mexican resort of Cancún. “Since all the companies face similar challenges in the USA, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, the company leaders have agreed to join forces to develop similar approaches to meeting them,” says Ralf Thomsen from TUV USA, one of the initiators of the conference. This cooperation is also one of the guiding ideas behind BOLD MOVE: promotion of the idea of international cooperation while at the same time allowing companies to think more regionally.

“This was the first sales meeting to be organised in the Americas,” says Raul Mitre from Mexico. “The idea is to share good practices and increase cooperation with the aim of developing a stronger regional sales strategy.” This includes specific measures to be taken by the companies to approach common clients. Agreement was also reached on the development of joint marketing material. As some business sectors might be of greater interest to one company than another, there will still be enough latitude to develop strategies in markets that are of particular interest to one company.

The first joint step has already been taken: The companies are currently developing a list of all of their top clients with the aim of establishing if they have any in common. The idea is for the latter’s decision-makers to get in touch with TÜV NORD representatives to learn more about the Group’s services.