Next milestone for new BOLD MOVE organisation structure achieved

The customer focus organisation project BOLD MOVE aims to offer the many services of the Industrial Services business unit from one source all over the world – and to bring us even closer to our clients. In a pilot phase, five selected OBS (Operative Business Segments) were launched at the beginning of 2017: Nuclear, Renewables, Rail, Food/Agriculture and System Certification.

These OBS will be transferred into regular operation with immediate effect, and preparations for the launch of further OBS are continuing. This has now been approved by the responsible supervisory bodies.

More precisely: The further OBS, including Process Technology, Manufacturing Technology and Buildings will be launched at the latest on 1 January 2019. All the preparations are proceeding at a swift pace.

“The completed pilot phase of the first five OBS has been a success,” says Dr Ralf Jung, Chairman of the Industrial Services business unit. “Particularly crucial are the creation of standard IT and sales structures and partly automated customer allocations. The knowledge we have gleaned here is being put to good use in the further implementation measures.”

Dr Jung would like to thank all the employees of the Industrial Services business unit for their support, constructive criticism and many suggestions.