The project entitled DREAM (DRones para incrementar Eficiencia, seguridad y protección del medio Ambiente en Mantenimiento de infraestructuras / Drones to increase efficiency, security & safety and environmental protection related to infrastructure maintenance) was up and running by the end of 2018. Its main objective is the development of an inspection and maintenance system based on drone technology to cover the most relevant activities in sectors such as civil engineering, electric and petrochemical infrastructures.

The project is focused on the development of new technologies to expand the application field of drones involved in inspection and maintenance tasks. In this concern, a multidisciplinary consortium with integrated strategic partners is providing the technical support to guarantee the compliance of the development cycle of these innovative solutions.

Alter Technology’s main task is to propose solutions in line with the current normative and standardisation framework for future commercialisation. Several requirements will be proposed and recommended before the development phase.

Furthermore, a functional safety assessment will be conducted to guarantee the adequacy of the safety integrity level (SIL) which corresponds to the technology developed in DREAM. Finally, a test plan for each solution will be proposed which will take into account the enforceability of the European regulation in terms of product safety; different European Directives will have to be considered as well and added to this document.