TÜV NORD companies join forces to set up an Integrated Management System

Attendees at the conference (from left): Katja Hahn (Germany), Pamela Delgadillo (Mexico), Raul Mitre (Mexico), Hakan Sen (USA), Ricardo de Souza (Brazil), Amadeo Berdou (Argentina), Reginaldo Maia (Brazil). 

The companies in the Americas have committed themselves to closer cooperation. During a meeting in Mexico, the general managers and quality managers of the companies committed themselves to establishing a harmonised integrated management system in the Americas and to form a regional quality management hub. In addition, they reaffirmed their desire to work more closely than before across business unit boundaries and within the region. They also want to be the catalyst for an Integrated Management System for all TÜV NORD companies worldwide.

Pamela Delgadillo, the member of staff responsible for the management system at TÜV NORD Mexico, spoke about this successful event. “Our meeting has given a boost to the networking between the American companies and also with the headquarters in Germany. We’ve developed a great deal of mutual understanding, not just for each other but also for the management system per se. We’re on the right track.”

TÜV USA, TÜV NORD Mexico, BRTÜV and TÜV NORD Argentina are supported by the Management Systems division: Katja Hahn offered some stimulating ideas during the meeting – just as she did a few months ago when there was a similar meeting with a similar focus to form the Southeast Asian quality management hub.