Chinese certification authority CCAP emphasises excellent partnership

The TÜV NORD Mobility (Shanghai) Team.



During the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of TÜV NORD in Shanghai, Lin Ma, Vice Managing Director of CCAP, emphasised the excellence of the cooperation between TÜV NORD Mobility (Shanghai) and his certification authority. CCAP (China Certification Centre for Automotive Products) focuses primarily on safety, environmental and energy-saving tests in both the production process and the product life cycle. There has been strategic cooperation between the authority and TÜV NORD Mobility (Shanghai) for many years.

Lin Ma presented Leif-Erik Schulte, General Manager of TÜV NORD Mobility (Shanghai), with a Certificate for Automotive Products Certification during the event, saying: “TÜV NORD Mobility (Shanghai) is an excellent partner to CCAP, and we would like to continue our cooperation with TÜV NORD China for a successful long-term future.” In his speech, he stressed that a win-win cooperation means a better future for all. Both sides hope that all future tasks will be successfully mastered in the future.

From the perspective of CCAP there is already a number of these in the pipeline, including certifications according to the CCC standard and type approvals of complete vehicles (WVTA certificate) and components in Germany and the European Union. The expectation is that TÜV NORD will provide support in the search for cooperation partners. CCAP also wants to develop services for the industry that go beyond certification activities. This kind of cooperation could see TÜV NORD Mobility provided with the auditor approvals from CCAP it would need to offer services throughout the EU. TÜV NORD customers could benefit from the cooperation with CCAP since it would provide them at an early stage with information about specific regulations that must be taken into account on the Chinese market. Overall, according to Leif-Erik Schulte, “in the future, our customers will be able to serve the Chinese market more professionally and competitively.”


About CCAP

The China Certification Centre for Automotive Products (CCAP) has been operating under its current name since October 2002, having been founded four years previously as the Automotive Product Certification Body. CCAP is one of the leading certification bodies of the China Compulsory Certification (CCC). All products sold in China that require certification must be certified according to this standard. The certification of automotive and motorcycle products has been mandatory since 2003.