Cooperation with Dutch company successfully launched

For some six months now, TÜV NORD Mobilität has been collaborating with the Dutch company Transporting Wheels B.V. in the area of vehicle conditions assessments. The joint business has thus far proved to be extraordinarily fruitful.

Transporting Wheels offers its customers global solutions for the trade, transport and valuation of every kind of vehicle. The starting point for the company, founded in the Netherlands in 2014, was the linking and consolidation of its knowledge of the vehicle trade industry with upstream and downstream transport and assessment processes to create a comprehensive full service platform for the professional cross-border vehicle trade.

TÜV NORD Mobilität has been the company’s valuation partner for Germany and Austria since the end of 2016. The intention is for 600 vehicle valuations to be carried out this year. “Valuation orders are organised centrally using the order management system in the damage appraisal and valuations product area,” reports Andreas Köhl from TÜV NORD Mobilität.

The feedback from Transporting Wheels and the customers who have placed orders with it is resoundingly positive. "So positive in fact, that new customers in the special vehicles field are getting actively interested in the whole range of solutions offered by the platform and our expert reports,” says Andreas Köhl with satisfaction.

The collaboration has started outstandingly well for both sides. Mr Köhl: “We can offer our customers in the vehicle trade a partner with a full service concept. Transporting Wheels is relying on top-quality reports from TÜV NORD with a defined service level. Andreas Köhl believes that this kind of cooperation could also work with companies from other countries too.