TÜV Eesti digitalises non-destructive testing and accelerates its testing process

Laboratory director and IWF welding engineer German Belov (right) works with Vitaly Vastik from the lab to analyse the testing results of the new image plate scanner.


TÜV Eesti is a leading player in the area of non-destructive material testing. “And now, thanks to this equipment, we’re at the head of the pack in the entire Baltic region,” says Tatjana Veske, General Manager of TÜV Eesti, with satisfaction.

The highly acclaimed device in question is a digital mobile high-definition image plate scanner for all radiography applications. It can be used just as readily for everyday work, such as weld inspections on pipelines, as it can for complex tests requiring consistency of quality and high resolution.

The experts in Maardu, 15 kilometres to the north-east of Tallinn, have already been working with the new machine for six months. Test results are now forthcoming more quickly, and the use of classic photographic material and chemicals has been eliminated because the measurement results and pictures are stored digitally – on a common-or-garden SD card. In this way it is now possible to view the results directly on a laptop. The recorded material is later archived on servers.

Laboratory director German Belov would not now be without the machine, which he considers to be an important step forward in the development of his laboratory. “The use of modern technology is making the work more effective, and the number of satisfied customers is growing.”