TÜV NORD Southern Africa Red Carpet Gala Dinner Event

Impression from the anniversary celebration.

The One & Only Hotel, in the heart of Cape Town’s Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, was the perfect setting for TÜV NORD Southern Africa (TNSA) to celebrate its 10th anniversary, to commemorate the successes the company has achieved and to recognise those who have contributed to its entrepreneurial culture. With all the guests dressed up to the nines, the Master of Ceremonies, Brandon Dreyer (TNSA Inspection Services Manager), opened the evening by honouring TNSA’s executive members and shareholders.

Loyal service award recipients are Portia Mweli (left) and Daylene Torien.

The first few years since the inception of TNSA have been a journey filled with opportunities, challenges and many successes. This would not have been possible without the dedication and loyal service of the TNSA team and continued support from its shareholders and clients. Jonathan Oliver (TNSA Technical Director) was presented with a 10 Year Long Service Award, as were Daylene Torien (HR Manager) and Portia Mweli (Housekeeping).

Group photo with Dr Lars Sitzki (right), the Managing Director of TÜV NORD Southern Africa, as well as Veradine Oliver of Akanyêtša Consulting, and Jonathan Oliver, Technical Director.

Dr Lars Sitzki also took the opportunity to extend his thanks to the TNSA shareholders, Veradine Oliver (Akanyêtša Consulting) and Dr Ralf Jung (TÜV NORD International), by bestowing on them a 10 Year Crystal Award for their contributions to TNSA’s success.

Impression from the anniversary celebration.

The evening's events were described by its guests as being like the Oscars, with their dazzling setting, a harmonious gathering of large numbers of people, exquisite dining and enjoyable dancing. It was an honour to participate in the celebration of a company that invests in its employees and the interests of its shareholders and clients.

Impression from the anniversary celebration.

Looking into the future, TNSA is well positioned to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities that lie ahead, which are also in complete alignment with the TUV NORD GROUP’s future services strategy. With this strategy set and a clearly articulated vision, TNSA has prepared a platform for its continued growth in the years to come.

Impressions from the anniversary celebration