Vamos a España TNM


In the context of the internationalisation of TNM activities, the planning spotlight has now shifted to Spain. The aim is to establish vehicle valuations for sales between private individuals on the market as a free-market service. The template for this service is the “trust check” carried out in Germany.

In Spain, as it happens, a much higher percentage of vehicle sales is accounted for by transactions between private individuals than is the case in Germany. And, after all, Spanish roads are home to roughly 30 million cars, many of which change hands every year.

As Reiner Jaspers, the head of international business at TNM, says: “Spain is a highly attractive market for us. In the course of our analyses we’ve checked out this market on the ground and see significant potential for action here. TÜV NORD also enjoys an extremely high reputation as a provider in Spain.”

The business principle is this: If, for instance, a potential buyer finds a vehicle on an Internet portal that he likes the look of, he can use the TÜV NORD website to book an appointment. TÜV NORD places the order with a local inspector who then assesses the vehicle in the workshop of TNM’s partners. The prospective buyer receives a digital test report, and the sale can then go ahead under fair conditions. An external network of freelance inspectors and partner workshops is available to carry out the inspection. In the first phase, the major cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao and A Coruña will be served, to be followed in further stages by the next biggest cities. Responsibility for quality assurance will rest with TÜV NORD Mobilität.

Frank Danitz, whose previous position was as regional director for the Westfalen TNM region, has been in Valencia as TÜV NORD manager since April.

TNM will benefit in the implementation of the project from the presence of the Group on the Iberian Peninsula. The infrastructure of Alter Technology will form the administrative backbone of the local activities.

The future may also witness the roll-out of periodic vehicle testing in Spain. The vehicle tests in Spain are virtually the same as those in Germany, and in many regions, including Madrid, new providers can apply for authorisation to offer this service and thereby relieve the state of the burden of carrying them out.