News from the award winning #explore online magazine

#explore, the online magazine of the TÜV NORD GROUP, has taken silver at this year's FOX AWARDS.

#explore, the online magazine of the TÜV NORD GROUP, has taken silver at this year's FOX AWARDS. The jurors for the industry award analysed a total of 376 marketing and communications solutions – and the experts were bowled over by #explore in the "Industry, technology, production" category. With this award, the specialists have certified the high level of creativity and conceptual quality content of the innovative communication channel.

“We’re delighted that our work has been recognised in this way. This confirms our view that, with #explore, we’re on the right path to granting a wide audience a glimpse behind the scenes of our company and highlighting current issues such as Industry 4.0, autonomous driving and security in a networked world,” says Sven Ulbrich, director of Corporate Communications at the TÜV NORD GROUP.

The journalistic format on the Web responds flexibly and in short order to current news stories of interest. The responsive design allows users to access the material on PCs, tablets and smartphones. The contents are also communicated on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

And it was these very features of the #explore magazine, which celebrates its first anniversary in October 2017, that won plaudits from the 15-strong jury for the FOX AWARD. After all, with this award the initiators of the competition are not concerned with individual elements, such as separate author posts or editorials and cover design in the printed media field. What is instead decisive is the “targeted interplay of the channels, touchpoints and technologies used”. Now in its seventh year, the competition held under the roof of the dapamedien publishing house awarded its accolades for effective communication and marketing solutions in both digital and print formats. The primary assessment criterion is efficiency of concept and implementation – in detail, this concerns such things as quality of dialogue, evaluation, the generation of reach, the brand congruence of content and visual presentation, and the ease of use of the channels by the target groups. “As a characteristic of FOX AWARDS 2017, the inventiveness of the participants will leave a lasting impression,” say the competition organisers.

The online magazine is currently reporting on an intelligent road in the heart of Berlin. You will also find a portrait of Michael Grotenhoff, who is inspired by virtual reality: The director and producer uses his films to conjure up interactive experiences. He is convinced that digitalisation is changing our world as fundamentally as the invention of the printing press.

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