New Year’s greetings


Dear colleagues,

We have achieved a great deal together in the past year. Digitalisation is advancing across our Group all over the world – at the same time, however, we are not losing sight of the fact that classical inspections occupy an inalienable position in our business model. They are the solid pillars that we need if we are to modernise, supplement and expand our business – with the aid of those innovations that are being developed and brought to fruition all over the company. Among those services that have long since outgrown the laboratory are mobile exhaust gas measurements for vehicles (RDE), digital lift testing, the digital shaft scanner from DMT and Alter Technology’s Big Data project, Gateway.

BOLD MOVE has taken us a big step further: We pack more of a punch than before in many areas and can now offer our services worldwide – because our professionals with the same tasks have been networking with one another in the Operative Business Segments. The Renewables OBS is a good example of how teams have formed across national frontiers, acquiring new customers and working on new collaborations. This applies also to the nuclear engineers who have been tapping into new markets with great determination. The food specialists have used their wide-ranging skills in different countries to acquire new customers and, in the process, to make a name for themselves. Thanks to their successful networking, the system certifiers are capable of offering their services across the globe as a one-stop shop. And the specialists in the Rail OBS have gained a foothold in particular in the Chinese market. This is inspiring us to continue to follow the path of international cooperation.

In economic terms, the TÜV NORD GROUP continues to thrive: we anticipate that the sales target of € 1.3 billion will be achieved. Early indications are that we can allow ourselves to be more than satisfied with the result. This success has been made possible by your outstanding commitment and the work you have done, and it is for this that we wish to offer you our special thanks.

We live in an era of rapid technological progress. Today we have it in our power to take the idea of safety with which the TÜV NORD GROUP has grown up into the world of tomorrow: It will also be important to drive home the idea wherever we operate that digital security is just as crucial to the market approval of products as purely technical or environmental considerations.

Next year, too, we will have to get to grips with an enormous number of diverse tasks. Let us work together on these once again in the coming year and find solutions that will be of benefit to our customers.

We wish you and your families a peaceful, happy and prosperous 2018.



Dr Ralf Jung,
Member of the Group Executive Committee