Innovation workshop for digital vehicle valuation

The participants exchanged views and information with the Board of Management of TÜV NORD Mobilität and other experts.



The digitalisation of vehicle appraisals was the subject of an innovation workshop held by TÜV NORD Mobilität in November in Leipzig on the initiative of the Shanghai joint venture TÜV NORD New Tech Automotive (NTA).

21 participants, including representatives of the largest multi-brand automotive trading groups from China, some of which have over 400 sites, exchanged views and information with the Board of Management of TÜV NORD Mobilität and other experts.

"The digital transformation of bricks-and-mortar vehicle retail into Internet-based trading platforms has taken on an unstoppable momentum,” says Hartmut Abeln, General Manager of TÜV NORD Mobilität. “It’s soon going to be possible to submit a digital condition appraisal of a vehicle using scanner technology – and we’d like to actively support our customers and partners in this stage and boost our own role.”

A visit to a development laboratory offered the participants a first insight into the future of the digital condition recording of vehicles, followed by a discussion of possible future scenarios for vehicle marketing. Major issues facing the vehicle trade were discussed in depth with an eye to the digital future. How can I make existing sales channels and processes faster, more effective and more efficient? How can new channels and additional services be developed? What is the role of the dealer going to be in the automotive sector of tomorrow?

“The digitalisation of vehicle appraisals offers a wide range of advantages,” says Reiner Jaspers, Executive Vice President International of TÜV NORD Mobilität. “We’re going to be able to use the offers to reach more customers and to distinguish ourselves from other dealer groups. We’ll be able to stabilise and develop our local business. The 360° view of the vehicle provides greater transparency.” The process also saves a lot of time, as the distribution, sales and data transfer process is automated and accelerated by the digital appraisal, and the generation of electronic reports results in the creation of an individual online shop for new and used vehicles.

Reiner Jaspers: “We’re planning to continue the discussions in January 2018 at a major conference in Shanghai with the title “The Digital Future of the Vehicle Trade”, to be organised by the NTA joint venture and TÜV NORD Mobilität.” TÜV NORD Mobilität will take part with its partners and present some new technologies.