Orientation center for the development of managers takes place in Spain

The participants and observers of the first orientation center in Spain.



For the first time the Corporate Center Talent Management of the TÜV NORD GROUP offered an orientation center for systematic human resources development in Spain. The multi-day event was held in Madrid. Nine members of staff from Alter Technology and ACPRO participated in the orientation center. Business leaders from Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany were present as observers.

Orientation and assessment centers (OC/AC) are key measures for the development of personnel and managers in the Group, as they offer attractive prospects for professional development. The orientation center is aimed at the level of employees. The target audience for the assessment center is managers from the junior/middle management tier. A team of observers is present to carry out third-party assessments using practical and rigorous exercises, case studies and role-plays which are appropriate for recording the skills of the employees and executives, identifying strengths and creating the conditions for development.

The Talent Management division has been organising these events several times a year for domestic and international staff since the end of the 1990s - some 500 candidates have since then used the OC and AC as the starting point and a follow-up measure for their professional development. Most of them have since then moved into different and more extensive areas of responsibility as experts or executives.

A total of two international and five national orientation centers took place in 2017, along with two international assessment centers.

“The professional development of TÜV NORD employees is an essential competitive factor. With our OC and AC, alongside the targeted promotion of our employees and managers, we are also contributing to the creation of networks that extend beyond business units and national frontiers. This is strengthening our strategic priorities of growth and internationalisation,” says Roland Bursy, Director of HR Strategy & Talent Management. Further events are planned for 2018. Interested employees and executives can find out about these from their line managers and the Human Resources team.