Real-time video audits introduced in China

 The participants of the successful workshop on real-time video audits.



TÜV NORD Mobilität and the joint venture partner New Tech Automotive Technology (Shanghai) successfully organised a workshop on the introduction of real-time video audits in China in December 2017.

 “Real-time video audits carried out online are a perfect fit with the digitalisation strategy of the TÜV NORD GROUP and offer numerous benefits,” reports Hartmut Abeln, General Manager of TÜV NORD Mobilität. “In spite of the greater distances, these cost-efficient audits can now be carried out by the expert in person – immediately, any day of the week, and all times of the day and night. Follow-up activities or investigations are possible at any time, and there is no longer any need for software installations. This kind of audit can be used very flexibly in a wide range of areas, ranging from shipping and the auto industry to aerospace."

In the wake of the successful acquisition of a majority holding in the LiveExpert company, which specialises in real-time video audits, preparations are already underway for the introduction in China. "The technical requirements, such as the installation of the server at TNM Shanghai, are in place and the preparation of training plans and process descriptions for the Chinese inspectors is in full swing,” says Reiner Jaspers, Executive Vice President International in the Mobility business unit. “Successful discussions with customers concerning the introduction already been held, and we have managed to acquire our first vehicle manufacturer. The pilot project is scheduled to start soon with five major dealers. Our goal is to serve the manufacturer’s entire dealer network and further customers with this service.”