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ALTER TECHNOLOGY checks whether devices such as satellite navigation systems, intelligent transport or drones etc. use their frequencies efficiently. OBS Renewables has won new orders in China by expanding its sales activities while TÜV UK has developed an app for more efficient crane inspections. Find out about these and other stories in this edition of our International Newsletter.

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OBS Food
Reddy is heading OBS Food

Vinta Srinivas Reddy took over the management of OBS Food on 1 September. Reddy has been with TÜV NORD since 2004, most recently as Regional Manager South East Asia and Head of the System Certification Cluster.

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Industrial Services business unit
Pilot project for remote auditing shows benefits

Remote audits, that is to say audits supported by a video or telephone conference, are the focus of a pilot project being run by the Corporate Center Innovation of the Industrial Services business unit.

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News from the #explore online magazine

The expression “digital twin” possibly makes you think of an Avatar in a computer game, your own online existence or an AI double from a science fiction film. In a short interview, Carsten Becker from TÜV NORD explains what a digital twin really is and how it can help wind turbines and lifts in the real world run for longer.

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Protecting the radio spectrum in Europe

Radio or wireless technology is key to many technical areas, such as satellite navigation systems (GNSS), intelligent transport, the Internet of Things (IoT) and drones (RPAS), to name just a few.

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TÜV NORD Scandinavia
New Managing Director at TÜV NORD Scandinavia

Since 8 October, Oksana Leonidova has taken over as Managing Director of TÜV NORD Scandinavia, headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden. The company is an accredited inspection organisation with a focus on the in-service inspection of systems and components in power plants.

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TÜV UK develops an app for crane inspections

TÜV UK inspects around half the tower cranes currently in use in the Greater London area. For its customer London Tower Cranes (LTC), TÜV UK has developed an app to enhance the efficiency of crane tests.

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TÜV NORD Czech wins tender for lorry inspection for MAN

Major success in the Czech Republic: TÜV NORD Mobilität has come out on top in the tender for the assessment of used lorries for MAN’s TOP USED programme.

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TÜV NORD Systems
TÜV NORD part in EU-funded AEROARMS project passes further milestone

Project leader Tobias Nelke and Dr Dalibor Jerinic, both TÜV NORD Systems, attended the recent review meeting of the European Commission in Seville, Spain, to evaluate current progress in the growth of the Horizon 2020 project known as “AEROARMS”.

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Asia Pacific

OBS Renewables
OBS Renewables strengthens its market position in China

The intensification of sales activities is bearing fruit: OBS Renewables has been commissioned to certify new onshore turbines for Chinese manufacturers United Power and Dongfang Electric.

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TÜV NORD Mobilität
Digital solutions and mobility innovations for Chinese customers

A meeting between TÜV NORD and Lei Shing Hong Auto China (LSH), the world’s largest Mercedes dealer, was held in Beijing in August to present the new digital solutions for the evaluation of vehicles on offer from TÜV NORD Mobilität.

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The Americas

New General Manager at TÜV USA

On 1 August, Hakan Sen took over as General Manager of TÜV USA, headquartered in Salem/New Hampshire. The main focus of the company is on certification of management systems.

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Motivation is the key!

To keep the show on the road, the person behind the wheel must always be sure they have the right people in the right seats and, more importantly, that they keep them awake and cheerful for the whole trip! But how do you do that when you have to deal with more than 40 people in one office and spread over 9 different areas?

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6th German-Latin American Energy Conference in Mexico City

Raul Mitre, Managing Director of TÜV NORD Mexico, was invited to participate as a speaker in the sixth in our series of German-Latin American Energy Conferences in Mexico City – a high-level forum for round table discussions and networking between German energy companies and their Latin American and Caribbean counterparts, clients and partners, which is also attended by representatives of government and Administration.

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Middle East

TÜV NORD Egypt signs contract with Pharaonic Petroleum Company

​​Pharaonic Petroleum Company (PhPC), a joint venture of BP and the Egyptian Oil and Gas Authority, has commissioned TÜV NORD Egypt with third-party inspections (TPI) worldwide outside Egypt.

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