Security4Safety (S4S)

Short description

Security4Safety is the banner heading for the continued development of our services in the digital age. It combines classical knowledge in the field of product, operational and plant safety with the new, digital requirements on IT security. In our minds, IT security and classical safety are one and the same thing: without security there can be no product safety. Many vulnerabilities and hacker attacks can be traced back to security holes in hard- and software. Which is why IT security needs to be taken into account and verified right from the stage of product development. The fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, is bringing about a surge in the importance of functionality, reliability, and availability (safety), and, as a consequence of the networking of systems, the confidentiality, identity and integrity of data (security). Our Security4Safety services offer a holistic approach to the fulfilment of the duty of care and maintaining the state of the art in the operation and placing on the market of networked components and Systems.