Photo album

Photo album


We've been looking through our artifacts: In our photo album we show the most beautiful motifs from 150 years of TÜV NORD.

Have fun browsing!


A steam boiler and its immediate surroundings immediately after the explosion, around 1895.

Extension of the main office of TÜV Norddeutschland in Hamburg-Stellingen, 1981

The main office of TÜV Norddeutschland in Hamburg-Stellingen, which was occupied in 1968, with a motor vehicle inspection hall

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

Dr. Heinrich Traun, first chairman of the "Norddeutscher Verein zur Überwachung von Dampfkesseleln" in Hamburg (1869 - 1873).

Certification for state steam boiler inspection.

Office Building of TÜV Norddeutschland in 1955

Ludwig Grabau, 1. Chariman of DÜV Hannover

 TÜV experts at work in the 90s

TÜV expert for vehicle inspection in the 50s.

TÜV experts at work in the 1970s 

Waiting in line in the desert - Vehicle Inspection in Saudi Arabia around 1985.

 TÜV experts at work in the 1980s

Illustration of a steam boiler revision in 1895

Inspection seal of the DÜV Hannover around 1873 to 1973

An engineering room of the DÜV Essen around 1900.

TÜV expert for lighting inspection in the 50s.

40Mp Universal Testing Machine of Division II - Materials Testing and Construction Supervision, 1960s

HU in Siegen, 1950- 1970

Measuring case for combined hydraulic/air brake system from the 1980s

HU TÜV Hannover, 1950 -1960

Test hall in Lübeck, Maybachstraße 2, (1960 - 1969)

Noise measurement with precision sound level meter and tape recorder of TÜV Hanover, (1950 - 1970)

Vehicle testing by TÜV Hanover (1950- 1973)

Materials testing with quartz spectograph, (1960 -1965)

Vehicle testing by TÜV Hanover (1950 - 1960)

Training room TÜV examiner, (1960 -1975)

Magnetic powder inspection of a rotary piston housing, (1950 - 1970)

Testing on a spherical pressurised water tank in Siegen, 1954