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Astrid Petersen is the new HR Director at TÜV NORD

As of 1 January 2021, Astrid Petersen assumes responsibility for the HR portfolio and the office of Labour Director in…
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Router Security: TÜViT Recognized as an Inspection Body for BSI TR-03148

TÜViT is permitted from now on to carry out corresponding tests of broadband routers.
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Could hackers conceivably target lifts for attack?

Could lifts be victims of hackers?
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What is post-quantum cryptography?

How post-quantum cryptography is making the computers of today and tomorrow secure for the future.

Three visions for the mobility of tomorrow

Hyperloop, Flugauto and Ottobahn – three visions for the mobility of tomorrow

Six failed inventions

From Betamax to Google Glass: The history of technology is full of failed ideas.

Kira Kastell: The networking engineer

The #Profile series presents exciting and inspiring people from the digital scene. In the spotlight this time: Kira…

Why we accept or reject new technologies

Patrick Planing is Professor of Business Psychology at the Stuttgart University of Technology and co-founder of the…

How do you certify natural resources

How to verify the sustainability of natural resources from the mine to your mobile phone

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