Netiquette for our dialogue in social networks

Dear Clients, Friends and Fans of the TÜV NORD GROUP,

There are many opportunities on our social network pages to evaluate and comment on our articles and news and also to enter into direct dialogue with us. We take everything you say seriously and want to delete as few user comments as possible. To help us in this, please keep to our Netiquette for fair and unbiased communication:

Contributions which are valuable to all of us are (even if opinions differ)...

  • Objective, constructive and stimulating
  • Open and polite
  • Respectful and tolerant

Contributions which none of us like are...

  • Abusive criticism, abusive remarks and insults
  • Racist comments, unfair discrimination or contents unsuitable for young people
  • SPAM contributions with links which obviously only serve to advertise the contributor or his/her services
  • Statements of facts which are obviously untrue
  • Attacks on human dignity
  • Infringements of German or international law, e.g. copyright infringements 

If we do find such contributions, we retain the right to delete them in the interest of all users.

Do not provide personal data about yourself

Dialogues within social networks generally take place in public. Therefore please adhere to the following basic principle when you contact us: never give personal data like your telephone or bank account number on pages accessible to the public! If we notice contributions with such personal data, we retain the right to delete them for your own protection.