Our brands

Perspectives for the future – quality and safety for the present: TÜV NORD pools the traditional TÜV services in the fields of industry, mobility, education and health.

As the core brand of the TÜV NORD GROUP, TÜV NORD is the driving force behind innovations and further developments.




Navigation systems, mobile telephony or weather services – our everyday lives are no longer imaginable without satellite technology. As commonplace as handling the achievements of the space race has become, the technologies which enable all of this remain equally challenging. In the Aerospace Business Unit, the TÜV NORD GROUP – together with its subsidiary company ALTER – is one of the world's preferred partners for the procurement, modification, testing and certification of electronic components in the aerospace industry.




Engineering & natural resources of the future: the increasing worldwide demand for raw materials is making the exploration and development of natural resources into an international high-tech business. The companies within the DMT Group are some of the leading providers of engineering, raw material detection and exploration, mining and coking technology, construction and infrastructure, product testing and building safety, as well as industrial testing and measuring technology.




The protection of data networks is an essential topic for companies and institutions – and one to which TÜVIT is intensely dedicated.

TÜVIT is one of the leading service providers in the IT sector: unbiased and independent tests and certifications create the necessary trust in IT products, systems and processes, as well as in the IT infrastructure.