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The TÜV NORD GROUP offers two dual study options: studying at a university or technical college whilst completing an apprenticeship or combining university studies with practical phases within the company.

When undertaking training-oriented studies at the TÜV NORD GROUP, you will not only complete your studies but also a generally shorter dual vocational training period. This means besides having obtained your Bachelor’s degree, you will also have completed a course of vocational training in a recognised training profession.

When combining studies with practical training, regular practical phases will take place within our company. On successfully completing the course, you will obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

During both practical- and training-oriented study you will get to know how the company works and be able to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in practice.

Following the dual study course, the prospects for being taken on in our company are excellent.

Our training-oriented courses:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in combination with an industrial/technical apprenticeship (mechanical and process engineering / electronic engineering and IT)

Our practical-oriented courses:

  • Bachelor of Science (business information technology / mechanical engineering / electronic engineering and IT / mechatronics / process engineering, etc.)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical engineering / mechatronics / electronic engineering and IT / process engineering, etc.)

The relevant dual study opportunities and locations are published every autumn in our job market.

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