TÜV NORD GROUP means vocational training with prospects

We take our apprentices and trainees and their training extremely seriously. This is why you will work in many areas of the company, and will take on responsibility from the very beginning. At regular seminars in our academies, you will receive knowledge that goes far beyond normal vocational college education. But there will also be fun and the opportunity to do things together: shared events like football tournaments, day trips and a huge variety of company sports activities are a permanent part of our training programmes.

Working together

We want young people to develop into personalities while they are with us. In addition to technical and method skills, our training concept is very much aimed towards social competence, which will also bring you closer to your private goals. Being allowed to make mistakes, celebrate successes and gathering experience and becoming a team player: interesting insights into the many and various tasks at TÜV NORD GROUP are not only available to you at our locations in Essen, Hanover and Hamburg, but also in our companies abroad.

Working for each other

At the end of your vocational training you will be highly-qualified and prepared in the best possible way for all facets of working life. You may and should play an active part in the way that you achieve this. And you will also have a voice: for many years there has been a representative for young people and apprentices within TÜV NORD GROUP who works closely with the Works Council and represents the rights and interests of those who are training with us.

And the best is last: during your training, in addition to your monthly salary you will receive a Christmas and holiday bonus, as well as a contribution to the state-supported scheme for employee savings and 30 days holiday! Would you like to know more? That’s great! Then have a look at the different types of vocational training we have to offer. We are sure you will find something to suit you.

Diversity is key

The TÜV NORD GROUP offers a wide range of training professions. Here is an overview of the main professions:


  • Electronics technician (m/f) for equipment and systems in Essen
  • Electronics technician (m/f) + Bachelor of Engineering (IT) in Essen
  • IT specialist for systems integration (m/f) in Essen and Hanover
  • recision machinist (m/f) in Essen
  • Office management assistant (m/f) in Essen, Hanover and other locations
  • Mechatronics engineer (m/f) in Essen
  • Mechatronics engineer (m/f) + Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical or process engineering) in Essen
  • Medical assistant (m/f) in Hanover and other locations
  • Surveying technician (m/f) in Essen

The relevant training opportunities and locations can be found in our job market.

Training for the future

If your application and telephone interview to TÜV NORD is successful, we invite you to a selection procedure consisting of various tests in mathematics, German and English and also practical tests.

We also hold interviews to gain a further impression of you. If everything goes well, you will take part in the introductory events for new apprentices, where the focus is on fun and getting to know each other.

As training goes on, you will attend regular seminars in the academies of TÜV NORD Group. In these seminars, you gain basic knowledge of project management and good communication, among other things. During your training, you will of course have 30 days holiday in addition to your monthly salary, and you will also receive a Christmas and holiday bonus alongside a contribution to the state-supported scheme for employee savings. So what are you waiting for?

In order to keep your brain and knowledge active, you will regularly participate in seminars at the TÜV NORD GROUP academies and will receive basic training in project management, SAP and communication, among other things. During the apprenticeship training, you will receive from us a monthly wage, 30 days annual leave, Christmas and summer holiday payment and capital-forming payments.

So, what are you waiting for?