Tips and useful information for your application

The process of applying through our online application portal to signing your contract is quick and easy to handle. If you are applying for the first time to the TÜV NORD GROUP, you should allow yourself about half an hour to provide the needed information in your online profile. As soon as you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email from our team. We review your application personally and will, of course, treat all information confidentially and in compliance with data protection regulations.

After we have made a preliminary selection, we forward your application to your potential supervisors. If we see a match, we will invite you for an interview, followed by the drafting of an offer. Once the works council agrees, we send you the final contract and are happy to welcome you to our team.

The Application Process

Tips for your application

The technical formalities: Your Profile

The first step towards your dream job at the TÜV NORD GROUP is to create a profile in our online application system. This helps us to collect all the necessary information we need from you right in the beginning and we can process your application quickly. Another positive effect: You can reuse your profile easily for further applications to the TÜV NORD GROUP. We encourage you to provide both personal and career data in your profile. You can decide what information you want to share with us. However, the more personal and detailed your profile is, the better we can understand your needs. Optional information can also be provided, such as IT and language skills or practical experience.

A personal touch: The cover letter

We are excited to learn why you want to work with us and what expectations you have of your future position. Give us a brief introduction to yourself: What makes you unique? Which strengths are you bringing to the table and what drives you? Information relating to your CV or the job vacancy is no longer required. If you apply unsolicited, please indicate in the cover letter which company, business area or location you wish to apply for. This holds for permanent positions as well as freelance positions and applications for internships or dissertations. The more detailed you are, the better we can match your requirements and wishes.

Preparing for your interview

The selection procedure for university graduates and young professionals consists of a structured personal interview. In addition to the biographical and technical questions, we will ask questions relating to your personal skills and development. The subjects addressed depend on the job profile and area in which you would like to work in. Both managers and employees from the HR department usually conduct the interviews. Please do not recite interview manuals by heart – be authentic in your presentation and win us over with your personality and expertise.

Preparation for experienced professionals

A multi-stage, multimodal procedure supports the selection of professionally experienced applicants and the filling of management and other key positions for our teams. In a first interview, we discuss your professional aptitude and other essential aspects together. In a second interview, we often use various diagnostic methods to assess potential, depending on requirements. These methods will only be applied with your prior consent. Using different techniques such as presentation exercises role-play and meeting simulations, we can compare your personal abilities with the respective requirements of the role. Dedicated preparation for the two interviews is not necessary. An exception is the presentation exercise, for which you will be asked in advance to formulate your ideas and answers to a specific problem or case study. You will receive a letter with all the relevant information in good time prior to the interview.