Competent at all levels

One of the great skills of the TÜV NORD GROUP is to guide clients safely into the future. For this, we need a creative and active workforce and managers who develop both our business success and our corporate culture.

As we have set our sights on growth and progress, we need qualified staff in all sectors. This applies particularly in the areas of mechanical, electrical and process engineering, geophysics, geology, construction engineering, mathematics and industrial engineering.

Whether you already have experience in the world of work, or are a graduate, student or still a pupil at school; TÜV NORD GROUP requires staff at every level of professional development who have an entrepreneurial approach, a desire to succeed and the ability to reach the desired aim. Further important aspects are customer focus and the willingness to work independently towards achieving good results. In accordance with our corporate culture, we promote social and communication skills and appreciate team players who are able to integrate and who want to contribute positively to solving any problems or conflicts as they arise.

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Are you about to graduate from university, or have you already graduated, and are you looking for an interesting subject for your final thesis (Bachelors, Masters, Diploma or Doctorate)? Would you like to write your thesis with our help? You are most welcome! Or have you already gained your full Bachelors, Masters, Diploma or Doctorate? Then please turn to our current vacancies!